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Stop Bullying Not Judging People Because of Their Race Religion Sexual Identity Or By Looks and Body Type Size

Updated on May 7, 2012

Don't Judge People Because of The Way They Look!

I'm Beautiful Just The Way I Am!
I'm Beautiful Just The Way I Am!

Why Do People Judge Others that Are Different From Them?

In this day and age, people, particularly younger people, are being judged and attacked for their religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and the worst of all, their physical appearance.

People are judged, ridiculed, hazed and made fun of just because they may be short in stature, maybe have a big nose, living with some disability or any other identifying characteristic that some people feel the need to point out.

The fact is, no matter what or who we are, we are all people and it is our differences that make us special. Who we are as people and what we have on the inside of our hearts is what truly defines us. You can be a beautiful ogre or the ugliest most beautiful person.

People and school children are being teased on a regular and aggressive basis and are getting desperate to feel like they fit in. They are judged by their body type, weight, skin color, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation and for what they believe in their religion.

Although this horrible trend is getting noticed in the media, this has gone on for as long as humans have existed. It's Time to change that!

Do You Judge Others?

Are You Judgmental Towards Others?

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Why Do We Judge Others?

So why do people judge others that are different from them? Why are people racist? Scientists have studied these and many other questions for decades. What they have found is that there are 2 general reasons for racism and judging others: Hate and Fear.

Many young people are killing themselves because of bullying, hazing, teasing and other practices that are forms of harassment. Teens and kids do not feel safe in their schools or on their neighborhood streets. They fear ridicule, humiliation and fear in the places that they should feel the most safe.

All You Need Is Love!

There Should Be More Love and Acceptance In This World!
There Should Be More Love and Acceptance In This World!


What is Hate? Hate is a strong word. It can evoke fear, pain and tribulation. It can kill. Hate is an extreme combination of bad thoughts, fear and aggression.

When one hates something, they are experiencing perhaps the deepest negative human emotion. Hate is deep; like a hole without any light.

Hate stems from jealousy and discontent. It knows no boundaries and has no shame. It has no friends and knows many enemies.


What Is Fear? Why do we fear people who are different? Fear is not knowing the unknown. It is a feeling of desperation and a lack of desire. Fear is uncomfortable and unnerving.

Fear inspires hate if left unkempt. Fear can be about real and unreal objects or situations. Fear can be attributed to deepest thoughts without clarity. Fear can keep you safe but also destroy you.

Do Not Be Afraid! Never put others in Fear... Always be Proud of Yourself, Hold your Head High, and Ignore those who offend you.

Don't Judge A Person By Their Looks: A Personal Testimony


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    • J. Frank Dunkin profile image

      Joseph Franklin Dunkin Jr 6 years ago from Foley, Alabama

      Oops, just scrolled down and saw the remainder of your profile and the video. You are a very lovely young girl and should not let people get inside your head over such issues. The nose ring? Just a fad. Some day you'll realize that you'll have much difficulty finding a job with one of those, but that's later. For now, just be yourself. You certainly seem intelligent and well-spoken. I lived in Nashville for fifteen years. What a great town! All the best to you and your family,Donna.

    • profile image

      donnaMhicks 6 years ago

      Really interesting hub. Hope to read more from you soon!