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Stop Obama's Nazi Volcker Rule and Prevent a Communist Takeover

Updated on May 13, 2012
Bankers Get the Red Carpet
Bankers Get the Red Carpet | Source

Democrats are getting more Nazi every year. This time, they have dredged up an old Nazi idea called the Volcker Rule. The Volcker Rule would prevent proprietary trading, the practice of banks using deposits for investing thus not allowing them to make money off of our money.

The measure’s aim is to keep highflying traders and other gamblers inside banks from getting their hands on or putting at risk the federally-insured deposits of average banking customers. A main element of the plan would bar banks from making proprietary trades — using their own money to place directional market bets that are unrelated to serving customers. Another change would prevent institutions from investing their own money in hedge funds or private equity operations.

Volcker wanted to stop banks from gambling with our money, but how else are banks going to maximize profit if they don’t put depositors and thus tax payers money at risk? Since these bank deposits are insured by the federal government, if these risky ventures fail, the American people will pay. And who else should pay for the chance that bankers and investors can make billions of dollars risking our money?

What is so brilliant about proprietary investments is that if these risky hedge funds and other investments fail, the money at risk is that of millions of bank depositors. While Americans might not want to bail out the banks to save bankers' jobs and money, they will certainly bail out banks to save their own deposits. So it’s a win-win for banks and a lose-lose for you.

In the meantime, Communist Democrats in Congress are using the recent tragedies of J.P. Morgan, a $2 billion dollar trading loss and $15 billion dollar loss in market value due to a failed proprietary trading scheme, to ram the Nazi Volcker rule down America's throat. It’s clear that Democrats will continue their attacks on Wall Street job creators by insisting that Americans’ deposits are protected. If Americans were smart like us, they’d make sure someone else paid for their losses.

J.P. Morgan was partially able to have these investment losses, and the coming bailout, because they have successfully fought the Volcker Rule for years. You see, Wall Street understands that without the ability to gamble other people’s money in hedge funds and other risky investments, they can’t maximize profit. And if they can’t maximize profit, we might as well let the communists take over.

A communist takeover is, as you know, what the Obama White House has worked hard to accomplish during his first term. How devious of then Senator Obama to vote for the Wall Street and bank bailout just before the 2008 elections to gain the trust and campaign cash from them. By fooling Wall Street, Obama was able to win the presidency and is now poised to spring his communist takeover of the government in his second term.

As a wise man once said, “You are either with us, or against us,” and I choose to believe Obama hates capitalism and no amount of evidence to the contrary will convince me otherwise. As a true blooded conservative American, I don’t let facts interfere with my reality.

Stop the Nazi Volcker rule attack against the beloved job creators or we will have to come up with another way to pilfer your money.

Tex Shelters


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      6 years ago

      Great satirical hub! Voted up.


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