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Stopping Mass Shootings: Let's begin with gun control...

Updated on July 21, 2012

To shoot or not to shoot...

In the wake of yet another mass shooting in the Unites States of America the gun control debate is seeing renewed life. Again. Tempers are flaring. Again. Fingers are pointing. Again.

Guns kill people, no matter what the NRA says... they make it easier to kill a large number of people in a small amount of time.Thirty-two students at Virginia Tech, twenty-three people at a Luby's Diner, fourteen postal workers, and twelve theater goers. We have even seen shootings in houses of worship and peace centered communities in the past few years. These shooting can take place in a matter of minutes. Virginia tech was over in 20 minutes, the Aurora theater killings took about ten.

If we did not have easy access to guns in the US, these shootings would not happen.There is no question. So the debate renews once again, and the politicians take their sides.It sounds great as a political platform, but does it really solve the problem?

As Eddie Izzard says, Guns don't kill people without a little bit of help. The trouble with blaming the guns is, they still need a mind troubled enough to pull the trigger.


A Nation Bearing Arms

There are now more than 350 million guns in this country. Enough to arm every man, woman and child. One in four U.S. homes owns guns, and most of them own more than one. So, before we even begin a debate on gun control we must ask... how do you even begin to control something that is that widespread?

Violence is a problem that has been growing in our country for a very long time. Every year, 42% of Americans will be the victim of a violent crime. Very nearly half of us. 436,000 of those offenses will be committed by an offender visibly armed with a gun. The bad guys have guns, and a lot of them.


Bad Guys With Guns

I am a gun owner, but I'm still not certain how I feel about guns on the whole. The man who stalked me is a gun owner, therefore I own a gun. It wasn't an easy decision, but in the end I feel safer with a gun than I do without one. I can safely assume that that is the reason that most people who own guns have chosen to do so. Because they feel safer.

There are a lot of bad guys out there, and they are most certainly armed. While many would like to believe that removing the guns from everybody is the answer... what happens when the guns are taken away from the good guys?

Gun Laws Wont Fix This

I'd like to believe that we live in a nation full of law abiding citizens, but around 10 thousand people are murdered with a firearm every single year in the United States. Let's assume that strict guns laws were passed tomorrow, and all American citizens were required to turn their firearms over the the U.S. Government... how many do you assume would do so?

I'd be willing to bet that those 10 thousand people who picked up a gun and killed someone would not be among those who would voluntarily turn them in. Nor would the rapists, the muggers or the angry partners. If they are willing to break the laws now, why would they suddenly be willing to comply just because new laws are passed.

Where a new gun control law might convince me to give up my guns in the name of legality, I am also aware that it would put me at a distinct disadvantage when it came to the bad guys who chose to keep theirs. Then my choice would be to protect myself from criminals or to be a criminal.

A World Without Guns

In many of the worst school tragedies, guns weren't even a factor and in many of those that were there were already strict gun control tactics in place.

  • Germany 2002 - Germany has strict gun laws, however, Robert Steinhaeuser joined an officially accredited club for sport shooting and passed the rigorous German tests required to own a gun. He entered his school and killed killed 17 people, mostly teachers before being restrained and killing himself.

  • Michigan 1927 - The worst school tragedy in US history happened in 1927 when farmer, Andrew Kehoe was responsible for a bizarre series of explosions that ripped through Bath. Destroyed were his farmhouse and the local school building. A total of 38 children, 7 adults were killed, and 61 injured. Had officials not discovered the remaining explosives in time the death toll could have been in the hundreds.

  • Japan 2001 - Japan has some of the strictest gun legislation in the world, yet has still had its share of mass violence. People have armed themselves with rat poison, homemade guns, and knives. Mamoru Takuma was armed with a 6-inch kitchen knife, he wounded 13 first- and second-graders and two teachers. He killed seven girls, ranging in age from seven- to eight-years-old, and one six-year-old boy. He plead guilty and was sentenced to death... at his execution he stated : "I should have used gasoline, so I could have killed more than I did."

  • Germany 1964 - Walter Seifert converted a garden sprayer into a flamethrower and filled it with an easily flammable mixture that could deliver a six-meter flame. He took his new flamethrower, a lance that was 1.5 meters long and a homemade iron centrifuge to the Catholic elementary school at Cologne, Volkhoven.

  • Sweden 1998 - Shoresh Kaveh was disappointed that his reputation alone did not get him admitted to a dance without paying the cover charge. He and his friends blocked the exits and set fire to the building, 63 were killed and another 200 were injured.


Guns, Guns and More Guns

So far not one person has been able to tell me exactly how "Obama is going to take our guns away!!!" How does one go about removing the guns from an estimated 52 million of American households?

Is he planning on knocking on all of our doors, or just a select few?It seems to me that guns have been a part of our culture for a very long time, and despite numerous mass tragedies they are still readily available to anybody who cares to look for them.

There has to be a way to stop mass shootings such as the one in the Aurora movie theater, but the discussion always gets sidetracks by politics and personal feelings.If you take away the guns, and we have made no other changes that will address the mental health issues that drove the man with the gun, or the society that created that man in the first place. Normal healthy people do not kill other human beings - there is something far deeper than a weapon at work here.

While I will be the first person to push for ways to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, mentally unstable people and school children nobody has offered a solution that will also keep the rest of us safe.When that say comes I will gladly hand over my handgun.

I am all for discussing gun control and how it can be used to keep guns away from those who would do harm, but lets not stop there. There are so many other factors that go into the creation of a school shooter - the gun was just a small part of the overall recipe.

My award winning article "Profile of a School Shooter - Recipe for Mass Murder" take an in depth look into these "ingredients."

Let's begin with a discussion about gun control... but please let's not end there.

Your Turn...

Is Gun Control The Answer?

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    • lone77star profile image

      Rod Martin Jr 

      4 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Keep guns from those who would do harm? Are you kidding?

      You put guns into the hands of the psychopaths every time you buy corporate products and every time you vote for one of the Corporate Party puppets.

      It all has to do with selfishness (Ego). We can't change the psychopaths of the world (Wall Street and Washington), but we can change ourselves.

      We need to love others as ourselves and to wish for them everything that they desire. Tough, yes. But unless we do this, Earth's citizens are going to suffer a world of hurt. Billions will die. All by the same people who are pushing bans on guns by getting us to fear guns.

      Read an interesting article on "lone gunmen."

      And another one by the same author on one of the evil arms of the American government.

      For most of my life, I never gave much thought to conspiracies, but then I realized that we've been tricked. An Orwellian trick to keep us from thinking about conspiracies -- the very thing the conspirators would want you to feel.

      Conspiracies happen every day -- from the 2 kids conspiring to steal cookies from the kitchen while Mommy is at the store, to the 2 bankers who decide to rip off $Billion$ from their customers by lying about the value of their financial instruments. Check out the Academy Award-winning documentary, Inside Job, for a gut wrenching look at evil in high places. Criminal bankers who got $800 Billion in bailouts instead of jail terms. Do you think these psychopaths would have any qualms about brainwashing "little people" to kill other "little people?"

      One female world leader told her doctor that they would soon be culling the "useless eaters" of the world.

      When selfish psychopaths rise to the top, gain power and money, then we all stand to lose. Mass shootings may well be one of many False Flag techniques to get us to knee-jerk react to their already prepared legislation.

      They're playing our Egos like a symphony. The best and only real defense is to get rid of our Egos, then they have nothing to play. We need to get rid of self-concern as Christ said. We need to love others as ourselves and to wish for them everything that they desire.

    • Connie120 profile image


      5 years ago

      This is a very interesting hub. If the government really wanted to do something to stop all the senseless tragedies, they would start with looking at mental illness. A lot of the problems come from the drugs, and from not keeping dangerous people in institutions. Also, many mentally ill people aren't put into the background check system, so they end up buying guns through legal channels when they shouldn't have. The thing is, the violence problem is very complex, and most politicians take the easy way out, by targeting the law-abiding citizens. (which of course, still doesn't solve the problems.)

      Also, we have a definite gang problem in this country. But how can we expect the governemnt to do anything about that, when they are engaged in gun trafficking to the gangs themselves?

    • Boshemia profile imageAUTHOR

      Ayngel Boshemia 

      5 years ago from Crestone, Colorado

      I really do wish people would actually read before commenting.

    • profile image

      Brenda Mayfield 

      5 years ago

      Stopping the sale of gun would in no way stop killings. They would find some way of killing people if they so choose. It could be guns, or it could be bombs, knives. Are you going to stop everything. You cant because there is always a way to kill, if that is what you want to do.

    • profile image

      WoW Secret Gold 

      5 years ago

      the day before the shooting at the elementary school in newtown there was a man in china that assaulted 20 children with a knife in an elemenary school... mental illness is the problem if not fixed crimes like this will continue to happen... guns make no difference... had the teachers been armed would that man have been able to carry out as large of an attack as he did. fix mental illness fix the problem

    • flacoinohio profile image


      6 years ago from Ohio

      When I read the title to this hub, I thought it was going to be about taking away the right to own a gun. Controlling access to guns is one part of the issue with mental health being the other part. Most people do not secure their guns as they should be secured in a locked box preferably one that requires a combination and with a trigger or Cable lock. Ammunition should be in a separate locked container in a different location away from firearms, preferably in a box that requires a combination. As for the mental health aspect, we as a nation prefer to use chemicals to control most of our mental health issues rather than to treat the mental issues. Medications are cheaper and control symptoms faster than psychological treatment. Treatment facilities are available at a price of course, but are considered to be something that is inhumane. The preference is to have community inclusion and chemical control of our mentally ill. Then they are armed with rights that they neither understand or need in regards to being able to refuse treatment and medications. Mental instability cannot be regulated, it is far easier and cheaper to regulate guns than addressing mental health issues.

    • profile image

      WoW Secret Gold 

      6 years ago

      keep the guns out of mentally unstable hands not mine... why dont people look at the fact that these horrific crimes happen to be committed by insane people who are givin a constant supply of anti psychotic medication... if we could find a way to rid america of mental illness instead of doctors that prescribe one failed drug after another and hope that one day they will come across a drug that will work...dont blame the guns that is ignorant concept blame the people who create the madmen that cause the crimes...

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I think that if we have gun controol that would stop school shooting.

    • Mark Pitts profile image

      Mark Pitts 

      6 years ago from United States

      I don't think taking away what I consider a basic freedom would have stopped any of the incidents you used as examples in your Hub, so I don't see why saying we should institute gun control laws because we need to look at these other issues is logical arguement.

    • Boshemia profile imageAUTHOR

      Ayngel Boshemia 

      8 years ago from Crestone, Colorado

      That really was the point of the article, we always stop at gun control but there are so many other factors that are ignored entirely. We need to look at all of the factors and not just gun control... no?

    • Rasman1 profile image


      8 years ago from Tucson, Arizona

      I disagree with your article. Look you described the these children have some serious emotional and mental problems. Even if there were no guns these children can possibly wind up being serial killers. So what is the difference kill with a gun or kill with something else. You basically describe children that have the propensity to commit murder. This can happen rather you have guns or none. The columbine killers would have figured aout another way to kill many. Do you think they would have never killed at all.


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