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Stop talking to Pakistan do Something for India.

Updated on February 22, 2013
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Kenchamma v/s Prime Minister.

Who is Kenchamma.?

She is a dalit and a darling to Children in Chikkamangalore.( Karnataka.)

She was not allowed to study after 5th Standard as she was a dalt.

What did she do.?

She sought help from women in her village.

She formed a self help group in her village.

She was elected thus as panchayit member 3 times.

She participated in a project on Hunger.

She recovered panchayit land from encrochers.

She constructed school in her village.

She maintained a child care center in her village.

She built pucca houses for the Homeless.

She helped senier citizens to get their pension regulorly.

She was responsible for bringing electricity to her village.

She is well known to all in Turuvekere in Karnataka.

Our National Leaders must first build a strong India.

Let's not bother about Pakistan for 5 years,sky is not going to fall.

Let our minister's take leasure in their homes,not at tax payers expence.

Let our Govt take no notice of what America say's but hear in one ear and only.

Let our neighnourers also do their home work and improve their country.

Let all of us catch corrupt govt officials and their men who are their agents.

We are not able to cross our state borders with out paying R T O bunkers like offices.

We cannot enter R T O bunkers but our cab driver can freely go.

We are threatened by R T O staff with a police man at there back who has a GUN.

There are 79 ministers sitting in Delhi and there is a Chief Minister also.

There is not one minister who can look after Delhi amoung 79.

There is one man to look after the entire country.

There is a Lady to look after the largest railway net work in India and the World.

There is a richest man to feed the entire country but he says he needs more men to help him.

Our C orrupt B eaurucrats I ndians are trying to solve one murder case since 10 years.

Our MP's are the best fighters inside parliment but attend dinner parties by PM any day.

Our country is maintained by a shadow which comes real on national TV's.

The country's major entertainment is our NDTV which is ruled by One Male & One Female.

The country's problem is not poverty but politics and politicians.

The country's most rich are men in politics not industry ( In Numbers ).

Highly educated men and women of India are mostly not in India.

Highly corrupt men are men and not women in India.

Highly aged persons (like CM of TN who is 87) are all big politicians in high power.

The problem of food - clothes - home, gets upgraded with Power - Water - Roads.

Let me stop now and save power by switching off my PC and lights,eat less and save food,wash clothes that need washing and save water soap and less water for recycling,take only bucket shower and save more water, build one home in my vacant site,keep the road in front of my home clean.


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