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Stopping Psychic Rape

Updated on February 11, 2011

Stopping Psychic Rape

      These days, we can be made to think really disturbing thoughts and have very uncomfortable feelings that clearly are not natural.  Many of such thoughts/sensations are depictions of us being sexually violated in one way or the other.  Each of these disturbing illusions has a point at which you first perceive it.  If you can catch the illusion at it's physically-perceived entry point and push outward with an invisible self-perceived force, the illusion can be stopped.

     If you perceive a thought of anything violating any part of your body, HOLD it in that place.  Then, PUSH OUTWARDLY with your will.  Just as these illusions are imagination-based, your OWN POWER can be produced mentally and used to reject these repulsive thoughts and feelings.  They can produce odd physical sensations in the same place, but if you have deflected the IMAGINARY (subliminally-suggested) violation - you'll feel UNVIOLATED. 

     We aren't just physical beings.  We can exert our will upon ourselves and even our environment.  If you BELIEVE in your power, you will notice some pretty incredible things.  You need to get yourself in either a really positive mood or else a very fierce mood for this to actually work.  We are made to feel so much minor physical pain that it doesn't even occur to us that we can do this.  To help induce a positive mood, Zoloft and caffeine are particularly helpful. 

     If you are too "down", then utilize your aggressive emotions to shut out ALL OUTSIDE INFLUENCE.  You can't probably stay enraged all the time, nor would I recommend this.  You must have both a "good side" and a "bad side".  It is the THOUGHT SHIFT from one mood to another that shakes off the brainwave-entrainment.  I try being purely good - which does vanquish the "imagination-rape", but sometimes it doesn't work for me. 

      Sometimes, a total shift in personality from passive to aggressive is just what the doctor ordered.   I think of "good" and "bad" as two perfectly natural parts of any human being - unless theyv'e been brainwashed.  You can only take so much out of a human being before they begin to act and look more like androids.  I'm sure you've seen the repetitive, mechanical motions of these "stalkers".  I truly pity them for what has been taken from them.   

      Music is especially helpful in altering your moods.   I was working out today and I was listening to "The Game" by Echo and the Bunnymen.  Just about then, this guy starts using the machine next to me.  I get a feeling of being psychically-violated, so I change the music to "Bodies" by Drowning Pool.  He was gone in 10 minutes.  There is a pleasant feeling in releasing pent-up aggression via our imaginations.  We have taken a lot of crap to have made it this far.  We started out not even knowing that we were being electronically-harassed, a very vulnerable state.  It is only natural to possess a wellspring of infinite resentment for whoever has done this to us......and it makes a good self-defense weapon provided you can get back to being "good" again.   

      Being "good", nice, peaceful, passive allows us to tap into a certain frequency that is always played to save the righteous when you get "BEAMED".  I have described how to dig it out of the chaotic ear-ringing that has almost driven me nuts many times.  The nicer you think, the easier you will be able to hear it.  If you HOLD ON to this "rope out of Hell" you'll be fine.  You might feel like you were taken to previously unknown mental states of awareness, but it can also leave you feeling lethargic. 

      That's why I combine ALL MEANS NECESSARY to avoid being messed-with, mentally-speaking.  When I'm feeling lethargic, I listen to intense, loud music and take a hearty dose of caffeine to shake it off.  It's a funk that persists if you do nothing about it.  It seems to drain the life right out of you.  So you can imagine I do most things with earphones in.  If I go anywhere without them, I'm either listening for the "Peace Frequency" or else I'm THINKING of a song that motivates me to smash my way through the psychic crap used to hold me down. 

     We must use any and all means necessary to break the grip of this mind-control.  We didn't ask for it and far better people than me have fallen prey to it.  If you have to change your perspectives regarding:  who or even what you are, your role as aggressor vs. victim,  even your moral alignment or your Love of Pain Vs. Pleasure - DO IT.  Combine this with energy-channeling techniques, varying your neurochemistry, believing WHATEVER IT TAKES to maintain your intellectual freedom......the system can be beat.  Most importantly, VARY YOUR MEANS OF PSYCHIC SELF-DEFENSE.  This keeps them from "getting your number" in their parlance. 


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    • profile image

      Confused 5 years ago

      Hi, I have experienced this regularly. Even as a child without any understanding of rape. I don't think that much I do works. I try what you say but not even that works.

    • profile image

      Alex 6 years ago

      Men and women are experience this, they have been putting a side the silence about the rapping of their body and mind and all the effects of the pollution of sexuality.

      The rape of body through reproduction of physical pain and at the same time 3D colour motion rape in head with the vision of the act by the eyes of the raper that do this. Traumatize by two ways is the goal, to try to split the personality, but the physical effects and the motion in mind can be stopped. What I did was I put the motion in two send them off my mind, one by left other by right, then I put my mind in blanc, wait some instants then I verified the fake effects and talked with determination to my body and this overcome that fake brain wave. For me worked.

    • profile image

      Alex 6 years ago

      Hello MOEFLATS! I've been reading your posts, interesting material.

      I deal with this situation knowing that my being is in the care of The Higher Being and I ignore,ignore and again ignore, it's all fake. I do meditation and it helps me with body and mind vibe. Thank you for the all your posts, your messages of strengh, and good vibration. Wish you the best and that the Higher Being protects you.