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Strange Bedfellows - Government and Big Business

Updated on September 5, 2011

But are they that strange?


To hell with the government!  To hell with the transnational corporations!  Power To The People!  Really,  it is only a few people  that are doing the greatest amount of damage to our environment.  As  of now, the power is with the individuals and corporations  with the money and access to the  tools for further advancement (at other’s expense mind you).  We  need to let the  corporations know that we, the people, don’t need a lot of  products they  produced.   The   Power  is   within us. – reduce, recycle, reuse—avoid purchasing  needless items!!  We need to learn to do with less – consume in moderation.  Bigger and faster is not better; it is the worst thing that humanity can do.


We have created a community for a few select individuals only – the rich, powerful transnationals.    They produce  and   create products  available  for the consumers in the developed countries at  the expense of the  local  communities – either in the developing  world or even in our own community – stripping them of the livelihoods.  ( Just look at the global retailers invading your neighbourhood)  Exports boom (creating a rising growth in GDP) only  because of the invasion  of the multinationals in the Third  World but  the local people   get  poorer because they cannot sell their produce and handicrafts at a  reasonable  price.


Power to the People!  Forget the government.  They are useless!  They  may produce million-dollar  research reports which make recommendations about what the government and industry should do about the environment but, instead, those reports became a substitute for doing something about it.


Power to you and me!  We can stand up to the fifthly rich CEO’s and shareholders, and insist that they stop overindulging by producing products at the expense of the environment.  We, the people, must insist on reducing our “needs” to preserve (what’s left of) the environment for our children’s and children’s childrens’s future.


Rapid economical growth is NOT the answer.  Very steady and stable growth is. Make your voice be heard.  We, the people, must live on this planet, too.  And we definitely want to live on a safe and clean environment.


If we aren’t able to, we’re borrowing heavily from our children’s future.  We are living off our children’s right to inherit an earth worth fighting for.



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