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Strawberry Moon A Sign In Heaven

Updated on August 1, 2016

A rare confluence of a solar and lunar event which occurs only twice a century took place on the evening of Monday, June 21 when a Strawberry Moon rose in the sky over Jerusalem during the summer solstice. An event with deep mystical significance, the solstice means very different things for different people, but it is rooted deeply in Biblical sources".

"This year, the summer solstice was accompanied by a rare occurrence, called a Strawberry Moon, when the solstice coincides with a full moon. This astrological event only occurs about once every 50 years, with the last Strawberry Moon in 1967 and the next scheduled to arrive in 2062. The term was invented by Algonquin tribes of North America who believed June’s full moon signaled the beginning of the strawberry picking season".

But in Israel a very serious event was unfolding. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was engaged in signing a treaty with the nation of Turkey. Who is Turkey in scripture? I think there is a very good chance that Yavan (usually translated Greece) is actually Turkey. And we see that out of this nation Yavan, that the small horn (Beast) (Daniel 8) comes out of this nation's actions. This treaty will essentially abandon Gaza in a first steptowards a Palestinian state being established on Israel's promised land. Also the on June 21st a Member of Knesset from Likud was publicizing the idea of building a ship port for Gaza on a man made Island that will cost about 5 billion dollars. We see in Joshua 15: 20-47 that Gaza is a part of Israel's promised land, given to the tribe of Judah. Gaza has a lot of History. It is amazing that without any kind of vote by the people of Israel or the Israeli government (Knesset). Gaza is being given away/as a first step towards a Palestinian state.

And on May 30th we see another serious step taken when MK Lieberman was sworn in as Israel's new defense minister (even though he is not qualified) he made this declaration. "“I agree to two states for two peoples,” Liberman said. “I was very supportive of [Netanyahu’s 2009] Bar-Ilan speech (in which Netanyahu envisions a Palestinian state); Sissi’s speech was important and created a real opportunity, and we must try to rise to the challenge. Even the Arab initiative has positive elements that allow for dialogue. end quote What kind of talks are going on behind the scenes? Is the Palestinian state also going to be put in place unilaterally as Gaza is surrendered?

Last year we saw the end of the Four Blood Moons, and many wondered what is next, and what do these blood moons lead to? Now we see another rare phenomena occur the same day that Gaza is being surrendered. The last time the "Strawberry Moon" happened was 1967, is it a coincidence or is something of biblical proportions taking place? The heavens are speaking to us, do we hear and do we understand? Israel is entering into a season of great consequence. Remembering that Israel was clearly instructed by the Lord never to give up the land permanently Lev. 25:23.

Even though I have heard the Lord say the land will be divided, we must pray for mercy. On our government and the people of Israel.

Pink Moon June 21/16

Pink Moon June 21/16
Pink Moon June 21/16


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