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Student Council Elections: 3 Steps to Winning Student Council Elections

Updated on August 1, 2009

Student Council Election Resources

Student Responds to Election Article

Q: Hi, my name is Megat. I am from Malaysia, currently undertaking the Australian Matriculation Program in a prep school in Kuala Lumpur. I just entered the prep school a month ago and the school is having a junior student council election soon. I would like to run for the post of secretary.

My question is, as this is my first campaign, what should I do now? I already set up a campaign team (as suggested in your previous elections article). I will start campaigning this Monday. Thanks!

A: Megat, thank you so much for your email and best wishes!

If I were you, I would spend my time in three areas: creating a message, marketing and talking to as many voters as possible. How competitive is the election for secretary? Are there many other candidates? If not, you will have an easier time, otherwise, start out by making a persuasive central message.

For example, what can you bring to the office of secretary on the council? Are you really efficient and organized? Do you have previous experience as a secretary for another club? What new vision might you bring that would help forward the agenda of the council?

Next, create signs and other pieces. They don't have to be fancy, but try to make sure all your signs are at least the same color all the way through and look the same. A uniform campaign sign practice means a more unified/consistent message and more people will automatically recognize your sign. They don't even have to be printed! Hand drawn signs are just as effective.

Finally, you and your campaign team need to meet as many people as you can and talk about your candidacy. Ask directly for their vote. Don't waver and say, "I would love to have your vote," but rather, "Can I count on your vote this Tuesday (or whenever election is)?" Be direct and let them know what you want.

Elections are a numbers game. If possible, find out how many students voted in the last election (especially if you can find out what the vote was like by the same students for the sophomore year election). Then, take that number and target 51% of that number.

Depending on how your school counts votes (typically, a plurality vote--or the highest vote getter wins), this could help ensure victory.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at

Thanks for writing and best wishes!

Sincerely, Brandon


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