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Murder at Meadow Brook Acres

Updated on July 24, 2017

Meadow Brook Acres secluded and deadly

A night that changed our lives.

March 27, 2015, started out the same as most days and most evenings. Our 44 year old son,Rick left our house to go to work after giving me an early birthday gift. My last glimpse of my son, was him walking out my door. I said "I love you, drive careful sunshine." He looked over at me as he exited the door, with that all familiar smile, and he said" I love you too.". I said," Have a good night honey," and from my living room window I saw him walk off my porch.

I had no idea that would be the last time I I would ever see my precious son. I had no clue he was going to die in an awful place called Meadow Brook acres.

I had never heard of Meadow Brook Acres, and to this day, I do not know why my son was there that night in that awful place. An autopsy revealed my son had a clean toxicology screen, and then police even found out, he had been going to counseling, and his urine tests were clean also. We have lost a lot. For Richard's wife Mandy, also died in August of 2013, of liver failure,at 26 years of age, and he never really recovered from her death. Also he was fighting for visitation of his step-daughter, whom his sister in-law took from his mother in-law's home, and bolted with her while he was saying goodbye to his wife at the funeral home. Even the detectives have said it was a puzzle of why Rick was there that night, and feel that he took that information to his grave with him.

Richard was a kind, caring young man, He showed this by buying food and coffee for homeless people who came in his restaurant and paid for it out of his own pocket. He loved his wife and step-daughter, and he was a wonderful, husband, father and son. He loved his country and fought on the front lines of Desert Storm. He was awarded three bronze stars and the metal of valor. He started the ground war on his 20th birthday, and when he returned home, he was suffering from PTSD. Despite that he went to college and graduated with honors with a nursing degree.. He worked hard at everything he ever did.

So no one really knows why, all we know is who did it, and no one as of this date can find him. Hopefully the authorities will make a capture, that help will us, just try to learn to make every day a little easier knowing we found justice, for Rick.

The fateful evening of March 27,2015

I had no idea, that on the evening of March 27,2015, my husband's and my life would change and send us to our graves different people. My husband was up sitting with Rick's puppy, in his lap, because our son was late getting home from work, and we was getting worried, but wondered if they had late customers or they ha sent him to the beach store to work. Yet the later it got, the more concerned he became until at 3:30am, there was a faint knock at the front door. My husband thought, gosh that's it, I locked him out, thank goodness he's safe. But when he opened the door, Rick was not there, instead there was 5 very official people from the Delaware State Police.

I yelled from the bedroom, have Rick come get his puppy to take to bed. There was a moment of silence, then my husband cried out in desperation. "Come quick, Ricky is dead". I don't remember crawling out of the bed, only that they said I was screaming "No,"No,"No! That birthday gift my so gave me before he left for work, was a living room rug. I remember looking at them standing on it in a perfect row across that rug, like they were standing at attention. Finally, I found a voice, and I was shaking terribly as I muttered, "What happened?"Was he in an accident? " No ma'am he was shot," the officer responded. " I felt confused, and my face kind of squinted as I asked, in disbelief, "He shot himself"? The officer replied, "No, someone shot him". I said, "no,' it couldn't be, everyone loved Richard."

I had no idea this picture would be the last one, ever taken of us together, on Christmas day 2015, as he managed the Waffle House.

Our journey was just beginning, for we were embarking on a experience that would show us a different side of life that we had never known existed. A different way that people lived that showed us a segment of society that we were not aware of.

Finding Meadow Brook Acres

Our journey began to find out why someone took our beautiful son's life. First we had to find Meadow Brook acres. What we eventually found out is that Meadow Brook acres was a subdivision of mostly mobile homes that was actually in Woodside Delaware, however it had a Magnolia mailing address, because Woodside did not have a post office.

After asking directions we found it was only marked by a bent sign saying "Meadow Brook Acres". We also noticed it was very secluded, hidden by the neglect of over grown trees and shrubbery. It certainly looked like no place I had ever seen, and I shocked to see people who lived in the conditions of some of the mobile homes. The drive into the park was an erie experience, because it felt like you were going into a dark hole. It was frightening to me, even in the day time.

His fateful drive into the park of death

As my son made his way into this dangerous, deadly subdivision, the night of March 27, 2015. we knew he had to have entered by one of the two road ways. Both are quite secluded, and it appeared you were going back into a land you only read about. For a reason we do not know, he ended up on Gray's Lane in what I now refer to as the driveway of death.

The drive way where my son died

My son died in a worn torn driveway, next to a mobile home, that looked like it needed to be demolished. My precious son died, sitting in his car, unarmed and unaware. He was ambushed by a gunman who walked up to his car, and pointed their gun at my son's drivers window. He was shot twelve times at close range, in his head and upper torso. I was not able to view my precious son, because of the condition of his body. My son died a painful, brutal death, knowing he was going to die,and the last face he saw was that of his executioner.

A high profile case

My son's case became a high profile case, because of the publicity that surrounded it. My husband and I put fliers in merchants windows, with their permission and also posters on telephone poles. We were desperately trying to find any information that would give law enforcement a lead. The homicide unit of the State of Delaware and the US Marshals did a superb job, and worked tirelessly trying to find Rick's killer.

Finally a warrant

Ten months after my beautiful son was murdered, there was finally a break in the case. The weapon used to kill my son was recovered in Philadelphia Pa. A warrant then was issued for the arrest of Anthony E. McDonald of Dover Delaware.

As of this date, we are coming up on the second anniversary of my son's death, and there still has not been an arrest. Apparently, this man has a crime family that deals in drugs and other criminal activity, and it seems like they are assisting him to hide from authorities. Despite the best efforts of the Delaware State Police and the US Marshals they do not seem to be able to locate him and make a capture. So we still wait and pray for the tiny bit of closure we can get, although the pain will never go away. If anyone knows where Anthony McDonald is please call Sgt. Weaver of the Delaware State Police at 302-741-2728.

Anthony McDonald is also listed on the Philadelphia Most Wanted list, and well as the list of wanted by the US Marshals. Of course there is a warrant for first degree murder that will never go away, as long as he is on the run and remains at large.

A Grief like no other

Many people have asked how we have coped with this horrible tragedy, that seems to remain unsolved. I will say that for the first two weeks, the crises team was called to my house, almost every day. I was partially in shock, partially in total disbelief, and completely unable to function. I still have some very very bad days, more then good.

Yes I have gone to counseling and still talk to a VA counselor who knew Rick and my husband and I. There is no magic solution, and a person's grief depends on how close a person is to the one that is deceased. It also depends on the bond, and how often you are with that person, and If you get along well with them. It does not mean you do not love someone because you don't get along. However, Rick, and my husband and I were so very close. We did so many things together, and it seems like there are memories everywhere, every day. We will never stop mourning loosing him to this world, nor will the pain ever go away.

Loosing a child in any circumstances, is a horrible grief. Loosing a child to a brutal murder, is a grief like no other. Every day you try to get through it, and perhaps if a capture finally happens, it will give us a morsel of peace, knowing we gave Rick justice.

I sure wish I could find that stair way

If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane..

I would walk right up to Heaven,

And bring you back again.

This article is in loving memory of our precious son, Richard L. Jacobs Jr.

who lost his life to gun fire on March 27,2015.


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    • erorantes profile image

      Ana Maria Orantes 5 months ago from Miami Florida

      I am sorry about the lost of your son. My deepest sympathy for you and your husband. It is a terrible thing to go through. I read your hub. It is sad. You can probably add the things you do to deal with the strengthen of your life and your husband's life. Are you attending a counselor or any support group.?

    • Shyron E Shenko profile image

      Shyron E Shenko 5 months ago from Texas

      Hi Susan, is this a true story? It seems real, if Richard is your son, you have my sympathy.