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Success at beating electronic harassment

Updated on February 16, 2011


      I just got back from an assignment where I was subjected to sleep deprivation and every possible tactic used to un-hinge my head.  It is a success because none of it worked!  I was able to function in a hostile environment and stay functional and believe in REAL REALITY.    

     Electronic Harassment is a paradox:  only stressed-out, temporarily de-stabilized minds can "see" the awful illusions.  If you have medications that keep your mind from going over the edge when being "electronically pushed", you can DISPLACE the fake reality that these other people believe in..............and it makes a tremendous difference.......just by existing and not buying into their reality is a threat to them.  Why else would it be so important to put that kind of pressure on you?  Because in a world of lies, the truth spreads like a virus.  They even call me that openly......I regard it as the best thing one of them could tell me.    

     You aren't paranoid for thinking that a group is trying to drive you nuts.  Most people have submitted, so I understand when someone trusts absolutely no one but themselves and won't trust me, either.  The thing about thinking that anyone is out to get you is itself pretty worthless, EVEN IF IT'S TRUE.  I trust everybody - even those who clearly are "one of them".  In a state of TRUST (the reverse of paranoia), no one and nothing can get you all freaked out.  The key is to tell your emotional brain one thing and your rational mind something else.  Yes, harassment and gangstalking exist - but this phenomenon cannot hurt you if you are mentally unstressed and ANTI-PARANOID. 

     Your awareness that a danger exists leads you to take the right medications to keep your mind functional in spite of these attempts.......and your ability to BELIEVE IN the world as PERFECTLY NORMAL once you reach this state is crucial to escaping this "trap of illusions" and disrupting this unreality.  Having "beaten the system" feels awesome.  The tiniest victory is itself a reason to keep going.  Be it completing a workout and having "kicked *ss" to a successful day at work without being beat down by this invisible/ubiquitous force - these are VICTORIES.  They give us a reason to keep going!     

     I know this exists and I'm trying to help everyone like me who is suffering.  This does make it harder on me at times, but to me it is worth the trouble.  I would hate to leave this world knowing I could have helped, but didn't.  Because I care about you guys, you have the option to go on believing in a normal world once you escape "electronic prison".  Eventually, enough people believing in real reality will itself upset the "fake world".   Our refusal to accept the fake proves that reality exists.  Because we are RIGHT, we've got an edge........we just have to keep going and this "mass deception" will be beat.  It might take years.......but the fact that we are fighting a war just by staying normal gives further meaning and a motivus to our existence !!!    


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    • MOEFLATS profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      This is for Philly: protect your EARS from this crap. There is a salvation frequency built into any electronic attack. Stretch out those electronic syllables into longer and longer periods. You'll reach the point that you hear what sounds like an operatic chorus. This will protect you from all the nasty thoughts that this ear-ringing (when not listened to right) can bring. When you want a break, just put in some earphones and crank it up. This will block the signal entirely and lessen your sensitivity to loud noises. I remember a time that I was on the edge of sanity and people making these noises that really bothered me. This is because they sensitize your ears and then psychologically attack you. The more DESENSITIZED your ears become, the better you will feel!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      i have the same problems. i know who started this with me. it is my neighbor who is also a relative. he stole my savings. when i confronted him he denied it and acted shocked that i would blame him. when i proved it to other relatives i found out he had been telling them i was going nuts. since my savings was stolen he'd been telling them i told him i was hearing things. that im depressed and been doing a lot of different drugs. he kept telling them not to let me no because i mite hurt him. he would make us think we didn't want to talk to each other. so it looked like i didn't trust anyone. i got in a fight with him. that night i started hearing whispers that sound like my relatives that was involved. they would say things to get me angry. then i would hear all the things that i actually did and different conversations i had. the ringing in my ears i realized had started back i was robbed. i would always hear it when i was trying to sleep . now i hear it all nonstop.he rides by and smirks.

    • profile image 

      7 years ago


    • MOEFLATS profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      This is for you, Brandynne: check out my other articles to combat this situation you are in. My solutions will make life livable for you if not pleasant on some occassions like it ought to! Good luck - stay real, stay faithful and stay you!

    • brandynne profile image


      7 years ago from Canada

      For me this electronic harassment started about 1 year ago with the electronic voices being about as loud as someone talking to you within the same room and since have diminished to whispering. The electronic voices have been accompanied with pulsing of simulated movement on my body to give the effect of being sexually manipulated by people except it is a simulation of people. I have never experienced this type of technology before and it is obvious someone or some people are doing this to me.

      Another thing those with this technology have been able to accomplish was to get me into a sort of trance state, which the sleep deprivation they cause would using this technology, for which they had me go downtown Toronto from Ajax and walk around for about 50-54 hours with no sleep.

      On four occasions, as I was on my way out the door to go to work, the electronic voices would say go sit down you are not going to work this shift, causing me to lose four or more days at work, and the employees and manager at work all seemed to be aware this was being done to me, and didn’t seem to mind I was missing days off work.

      When I wasn’t working, the employees from work were able to place themselves, to the minute, in front of me when I would be walking along through town, and they would act like they don’t even know me, albeit they are only about 5 feet in front of me and out of no where they show up.

      Many comments said by these people would include ‘ we will get you through this ‘ , ‘ they are going to ruin him ‘ , ‘ they are going to f _ _ _ up his mind ‘ , ‘ that is not all you are going to learn ‘ , ‘ we make them like robots ‘ , and other comments all denoting some sort of process I was being lead through.

      The electronic voices curse and swear non-stop, they utter threatening and say things like ‘ your parents were killed in an auto accident ‘ , ‘ government agents shot your parents at their doorstep ‘, all trying to diminish the persons character and get them to act totally different from when this first started.

      It would seem to me, being one who is experiencing this, that they are trying to get me to do wrong so I can get into trouble or trying to push me to the point of being mentally unstable.

      I live at the back of a house in a small apartment, where this has taken place, and those in the same house, including the landlord and neighbours do not even acknowledge me, even when I am beside them or around them which is extremely rare as they seem to have some sort of GPS device to know where I am at any given time to not cross paths with me. I have had someone come into my apartment at times and rearrange my belongings, even putting 2 little chocolate eggs from easter, between the forefinger and thumb of a winter glove just to let me know someone was in there. The items are not going to jump into the glove themselves. Items malfunctioning are also a common thing during this, as well as my computer turning back off and shutting down when I turn it on. Emails also seem to be tampered with as well and phone calls from job interviews seem to be interfered with so as to stop me from being employed.

      Reading some information from the Gang Stalking World website, they seem to think those doing this nonsense are quite close to the TI or targeted individual, which may be why those around me refuse to acknowledge me, even in the same house, over a 2 year period.


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