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Suicide Bombers and Terrorists: Press 'Panic' button and look for the emergency exit!

Updated on June 23, 2011

Humans have been merely reduced to bombs or victims.

What are we doing to ourselves?

Why is God interfering so much in our lives?

I never see myself, as someone who can solve the world problems, not even the faintest of ideas, but I know this that how to safeguard my emotions.

It’s a dreaded thought! Isn’t it? Humans killing other humans because there was a difference in the way both tried to describe ‘their vision of God’. We all feel bit terrified at the thought of being killed by somebody whom we know nothing about. How about taking some time off the busy schedule and preparing a questionnaire to be asked of somebody when you meet a suicide bomber next time?

In an ideal world, I should not be killed by somebody who does not belong to my country or ethnicity. Some can make few changes here and there, but it is for sure that nobody would like to say ‘the last good-bye’, and be accompanied by the other person who practices different religion and religious ceremonies.

Why shall I be killed by somebody who is from a different religion?

Why shall anybody be killed, for that matter of fact, over issues like religious hatred and indifferences?

Of all the dangerous and troubled situations we find ourselves in, what is the biggest challenge?

I think it is not terrorism. It is about finding an answer to it.

The present state of world politics is a by-product of degrading human values.

We are devil under the skin.

“If one country goes to war against another, there is no way that you are going to be served a bowl of white dove flying over the table”.

The fighting and war-prone nations must stop the war of hatred and feeding itself on it.

People are dying, suicide bombers are getting killed, wars being fought and soldiers are asked to follow the orders and act as required at the sight of suspicious looking element or activity.

The view is too narrow, flames are burning fiercely.

Smoke is coming out of the dead skeleton and breathing species have strictly been advised not to form any view or opinion at the sight of what is being heard or said over the radio.

“Truth is not what you believe in. Truth is when you participate in the situation”.

The above-said lines form the core basis of any reality. Suicide bombers or terrorists are blurred images and they have fallen prey to the sick shadows.

It could easily prove to be a decisive factor in the end. Television sets keep on repeating those scenes and how it happened in the first place. There was nothing about how it started. Once something is heard over, it makes a permanent shape and we become remotely monitored by our thoughts. Guess what! We do not act differently.

The telecasted views soon become the ‘word of God’.

The fire can catch us all.

The suggestion is- Try not to close your eyes and turn yourself into a blindfolded position by looking, only at the consequences and not at the events that led to the beginning of ‘ill-fated destiny’ of those, who were forced to take part, with or against their wishes.

Do we really match the lyrics of our National Anthem? Humans do not cheer the death of fellow humans, under any circumstances.

List of things to be considered:

1. Are they really bad people?

2. If yes, then what has happened to society and love of the family?

It is for sure that nobody (no nationality or society) is bad or prime source of all the evil forces operating in this world.

The legitimate definition puts ‘Suicide bombers’ into the category of people who kill others and get themselves killed in the process.

Understanding the human side of terrorists and bringing changes within our societal:

The chapter begins with the point that whether we have been able to learn from what had happened in the past and move forward. Our counter-terrorism policies needed to be reviewed and re-constructed. Our foreign policies should be able to comply with the standards followed in the country and facilities provided to our own citizens. We cannot afford to have double-standards.

The day we would put an end to the notion of treating others as ‘others’ and not doing enough to bring ‘us’ closer, it would mark the birth of God and Peace.

There is no doubt that we can keep on killing as many suicide bombers and there is enough supply of arms and ammunitions available to kill the last person standing on the face of earth, even if it means that there was nobody left behind to share the victory with.

It is a common perception that suicide bombers kill others to do something for ‘their own’ people. They think that by doing so they can make themselves heard in different parts of the world.

Was that for just a noise to be made?

This is, where these terrorists and suicide bombers, need to put the break on. There was still a chance left, when they were alive.

What is your definition of terrorism?

It becomes important to ask you before law-making agencies sit down and act haplessly to stop another war.


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