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Suicide rates among soliders head for breaking a record

Updated on November 19, 2009

 The suicide rate among soliders is increasing and has already matched 2008 figures. It is believed they will continue to rise and reach an all time high. Of the soliders who are on active duty, there have been 140 suicides. The past five years the increase has continued to rise despite the armys efforts to provide more and easier acessible health care. These new statistics come on the heels of the massacre at Fort Hood, Texas, which left  13 dead and 29 wounded. The military is unsure what has attributed to the rise in suicides. Forty percent of the sucicides ocurred during the first two months of the year, a third of the victims had sought mental health care.

Soliders serving mutiple tours of duty and now with the stress of the Fort Hood incident , concerns over stress on the forces is a major concern, especially with the Obama administration considering sending more troops to Afghanistan

The soliders in Afghanistan are already showing signs of mental stress but there aren't enough mental health professionals to provide care.

The  2009 number of suicides are as follows"

1. Fort Stewart, GA  10

2. Fort Campbell, KY  18

3. Schofield Barracks, HI  7

4. Fort Hood, TX  11

5. Fort Bragg, NC  6

6. Fort Drum, NY   2

The suicides at Fort Campbell  were of the majority who had not been deployed.

General Peter Chiarelli, Armys' vice chief of staff:

"I have looked and can not find a causual link "  substance  and presciption drugs are increasing and is also a contributing factor. The Army needs at least 300 or more substance abuse counselors.

The Army is now considering online mental health counseling which many of the younger soliders support.


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