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Summarizing Carbon Footprint

Updated on July 16, 2013

Summarizing Carbon footprint


Summarizing Carbon Footprints

Carbon Footprint Summary

Volume 2, Issue 19, July 16, 2013

In May 2013, I started the series of articles (19 articles/Carbon footprint/Going Green) related to reducing our carbon footprint by recycling, re-use, sustainability, lowering energy costs and offsets, employing technology in reductions, deforestation, and enjoining our business and family life in the everyday mix for energy saving styles.

The first article (Volume 2, Issue 1, May 1, 2013 ( mentioned what we could recycle from aluminum to computers and batteries. Utilizing and employing green energy resources like solar, wind, and water energy to supply electricity; were some of the next few articles written to discuss the various amounts of savings in energy in costs and expenses.

Since the use of coal and fossil fuels generate much of the toxins and pathogens in the air we breathe, in the waste spillage on land affecting food, and in the water we ingest and play in, they are the main subject of reduction in usage and finding alternate means for fuels and electricity for energy systems was the issue of primary concern.

The under-utilized reductions that we make as individuals could reduce costs, increase savings, move our economy forward, and reduce our carbon footprint that we leave as a legacy for our youth.

Integration of energy savings with recycling, re-using items, and employing new technology that saves us costs and reduces the C0² emissions will extend life cycles for both people and animals. Converting our current daily tasks and goals in business and in the home to save energy will have a more dramatic impact if every individual contributes a portion of energy saving to the overall picture of green energy savings by reducing their individual usage of coal, fossil fuels, and deletion products.

The next few articles like this one, (Volume 2, Issue 16, July 2, 2013 converts energy digitally for example under-utilized computer systems to send mailings and billings online will reduce the use of forests (deforestation) and trees that are used for paper products that some businesses and households still employ. In addition, to the costs of paper, stamps (postage), and manpower costs could be reduced and the savings could be passed along into the economy to move it forward by hiring people to do other things, building business and infrastructure, and of course saving the household dollars for other monies they could save or spend.

This world is ever-changing and the new technology emerging is not sitting still it has taken a quantum leap with solar utilizing and re-using anti-freeze to produce a new refined solar product in a foil that could be spread over an area that will produce and conduct electricity in its conversion to electricity. Other technology is also emerging in desalination of sea-water where the depletion of our water supply is being saved by its new and innovative use and technology innovations. Technology is also moving the world forward in moving the world in becoming cleaner and more efficient in business and in the home by reducing waste and the use of fossil fuels and coal.

The employing of our own individual contribution will affect the percentages in C0² emissions and in the waste that we produce and how it will affect our land, water, and air in the future. Leaving a reduction in our carbon footprint that is left as a legacy in the soil, sediments, rock, and seawater that will dramatically impact the future of our children is an issue that we must take responsibility for and address seriously for the sake of our future and the future of this planet.


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