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Sun City Democratic Club February 2015 Newsletter

Updated on January 26, 2015

Jonathan Alanis


"Nearly half the states in the country have passed new voting restrictions since 2010. Does that sound like a situation in which the Voting Rights Act is not needed?" - Ari Berman

For a nine minute video from Melissa Harris-Perry/MSNBC on the evisceration of our voting rights please copy this and paste it on your browser in order view:

Attacks on Voting Topic At Sun City Democratic Club

Attacks on voting will be the topic at the Sun City Democratic Club's February 5th meeting. The meeting will be held at the Fairway Recreation Center beginning at 6 pm in Sun City Arizona. Everyone who is interested in voting rights and fraud is invited to attend.

Jonathan Alanis, Communications Director of Arizona Advocacy Network’s Outreach, will talk about registration and Election Day requirements for voting in Arizona.

Alanis is an Arizona native and a former field organizer for Voto Latino. His background also includes staff member at the Arizona Legislature and a policy research assistant at ASU. He has a Bachelor’s degree from ASU.

The Arizona Advocacy Network works tirelessly for electoral justice, political rights and full civic participation. The goal is to achieve government for the people not corporations. They are leaders in the battle for Free, Fair, and Accessible Elections as well as Clean Elections and Fair and Diverse Courts.

AZAN won an eight year voter registration battle before the U.S. Supreme Court against Arizona politicians in 2013. This battle continued in 2013 when AZAN intervened to defend this victory against a Kansas and Arizona Secretaries of State lawsuit. Again, AZAN won when the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals sided once again with AZAN and fellow interveners.

Informative and timely programs are planned by Program Chair Carolyn Modeen at the SCDC. Contact SCDC at for more information.

Democrats, Independents, and the general public are all invited to attend the Sun City Democratic Club Voter Rights Talk on Feb. 5th at 6 pm at Fairway Recreation Center. The club provides snacks and a multi-media presentation during a meet and greet time before every meeting.

President Obama in Arizona January 2015


Great Memories Being Made!


"We were there!"

Two of our members saw President Obama here in Phoenix! Both Shirley McAllister and Sibyl Dunlap volunteered to help at the event when President Obama spoke in person at Central High School on January 8th.

The crowds inside the Central High School were electrified by the event reported both Sibyl and Shirley. There was a steady roar of approval when President Obama entered the room. The Central High School students were the first to take their seats and then the general public (who were lucky enough to score tickets) were admitted. Our very own Sibyl was at will call handing out tickets. And our very own Shirley was an usher for the enthusiastic crowd. Those wanting to see and celebrate our very successful President far out-numbered the size of the venue. Sadly, many had to be turned away.

When entering the gym President Obama held a baby and the Father of the baby was so excited. The happy Dad spent the next few minutes showing everyone the cell phone picture he took of his baby being held by the President. Now, that is a story for the child's future, isn't it!

Good job ladies!

Exciting Speakers and Fun Events! MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

We have some exciting speakers and fun events planned for you this year.


  • February 28th Garage Sale Bring a bag or a box to sell the week before and then come back to BUY!
  • March 5th 6pm Koch Brothers film (exposing the truth about their power and goals) at FairwayRecCenter
  • March 15th 1-2:30 pm Oakmont Patio Picnic Cook-out JUST FOR SOME FUN!!!
  • April 2nd 6pm PRISONS FOR PROFIT by Gina's Team (FairwayRec.Center)
  • May 7th Spring Fling Dinner More information to follow but 'a little bird' told us the SAME great cook is catering this year as did last year. Well yumm! at FairwayRec.Center


What Scandal? Here is the TRUTH!!

Here is the two part Guest Commentary by Shirley McAllister that exposes the truth versus the lies about President Obama. It was published in the Daily-News Sun Opinion page.

"This column will continue debunking false claims against President Obama that have poisoned political discourse over the past 5 years. Three topics were covered in the first column (DN-S, ).

A Venter challenged me “to publish all the scandals proved not to be a scandal.” I’ll give it a try but expect facts won’t convince those who think President Obama is “ruining the country. Some topics to be addressed are Benghazi, “sealed” records, IRS, Solyndra, the ACA and its effect on Medicare. provided some information--a website I recommend to anyone wishing to verify information they’ve heard. Readers are cautioned that some websites or blogs write satire, such as The Borowitz Report, a left-leaning column. Like other satire columns or blogs, it warns that they are not to be believed. Read the warnings posted by the writer. Some ideas, originated in satire, have been taken as truth.

1. The tragedy of Benghazi is one that has been widely reported with much of what is written incorrect. Sources, when called to verify their reports, say they did not report the quoted information; some sources cannot be tracked down at all. The truth is that four U. S. citizens were killed in Benghazi on September 11, 2012, by terrorists, in an attack that was premeditated and not a “spontaneous uprising” as first believed. The Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens; Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, both part of a security contractor force; and a Sean Smith, a management information officer, were killed. “Woods and Doherty were killed after leaving a secure location to aid those under attack at the main U. S. diplomatic building.”

False reports, attributed to a relative of Stevens, of the mutilation of Ambassador Stevens’ body, have been discredited as no one admits to writing the reports. One person who has been credited for providing information has not been located. The doctor who tried to revive the ambassador noted he died of smoke asphyxiation, “which caused bleeding in his stomach, but that he had no other injuries.”

The Associated Press, a French news source, and the Libyan Free Press all denied reports that Stevens had been badly burned, sodomized and mutilated.

State Department personnel have been killed in attacks on American Embassies or Consulates before the attack in Benghazi. However, it appears to be the first that has become a political issue. After numerous House investigations, the Accountability Review Board found failures in leadership and management deficiencies at senior levels within the State Department. Four State Department employees were placed on administrative leave and later reassigned. This sad event was not due to negligence of President Obama.

2. Continuing reports that President Obama has falsified or sealed his records such as birth certificate, college records, medical records, driver’s license and Selective Service registration have been dis-proven. None of it is true. “Sealed” refers to public records that require a court’s approval for others to see. Some private documents have not been released, but they have not been “sealed.”

Obama’s birth was reported in two Honolulu papers in 1961 and Hawaii state officials have repeatedly said he is “a natural born American citizen.” No one has explained how Obama revised newspapers printed in 1961. Did his parents have the foresight to know they would need such a record when Obama was born? Both short form and a long form certificates have been released. Those who choose to deny these records have created a storm of doubt and denial.

School records are kept private by law (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974) so Obama did not have to “seal” his records. Obama’s Selective Service registration is public—he registered for the draft on Sept 4, 1980. As former presidents, Obama has released results of periodic medical exams and has been described by physicians as being “in excellent health and ‘fit for duty’.” Another claim is that his baptism record is sealed. There is no record of baptism until 1988, when he was baptized in the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, where his daughters also were baptized.

False accusations have been directed toward the First Lady as well. She has “voluntarily inactivated her Illinois law license” as has the president. They can resume the practice of law should they wish to. Mrs. Obama has approximately the same number of assistants on her staff as other recent first ladies in spite of claims she has 20 on her staff while others had only one.

3. There has been a field day over the bankruptcy of Solyndra, a California-based solar company that had a loan guarantee from the Department of Energy. Loans of this type have a low default rate, with $6 Billion profit projected. “Overall, the Department of Energy claims the program has created or saved roughly 35,000 permanent jobs.” Both those involved with funded projects and those who did not receive funding made positive comments regarding this government program for the AP column (AZ Republic, 12/29/14.

4. E-mails calling for the Congress to be covered by the Affordable Care Act are similar to e-mails saying Congress exempted themselves from Social Security, which circulated for years. This part of the mythology of those who oppose government in all forms. Congress has participated in Social Security for years and is now covered by the ACA. The law requires that Congress and members’ staffs “have to get their insurance through the exchanges, and they’re forbidden from continuing to get coverage through their employer, the federal government.” Some Republicans (Rep. Robert Pittenger (R-NC) and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee) charged that Congress was getting a ‘special subsidy’ when they are getting the “same level of premium contribution the government has long paid for employees’ insurance.”

President Obama was incorrect when he said a person could keep his/her health care plans if he/she liked it. He should not have made that promise, as he had no control over insurance companies deciding to cancel the plans they had previously offered.

First false claim: ACA does not require Medicare beneficiaries over age 75 to be admitted to the hospital by their primary care physician. Andrea Callow, a policy attorney for the nonpartisan Center for Medicare Advocacy, said, “Medicare coverage for hospital care is based on the Social Security Act’s criteria for Medicare Parts A and B.” The website says a patient is covered for hospital services when “a doctor makes an official order.”

Second false claim: Under ACA, Medicare will not pay for observation in the hospital emergency room. Hospital costs for patients admitted after an observation of up to 48 hours are covered under Medicare Part A, with the patient paying a deductible, which is determined by the health plan.

Observation care, when the patient is not admitted, is considered outpatient care and is covered by Medicare Part B. Part B will pay “all hospital observation services, regardless of the duration of the observation care, that are medically reasonable and necessary.” There are co-pay charges for services under Part B of Medicare.

Outpatients will probably end up paying more that those admitted for inpatient services, but these charges have “absolutely nothing to do with the Affordable Care Act,” according to Callow.

False claim three: Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) claimed that ACA would ‘literally kill’ Americans. We’ve all heard her rants in the House of Representatives and other places. Not true. More people are insured now so more people are able to have routine health services, which will increase lives, not ‘kill’ people. Use your head on this one.

False claim four: The ACA took money out of Medicare. The allocation to insurance companies was decreased as the government realized they were paying them too much to cover costs related to Medicare Advantage programs. That did not decrease services to those covered by Medicare Advantage plans. I have such a program and I get more free services now that I used to. Some co-pays have decreased. My monthly premium was increased slightly this year but with lowered co-pays and free services, I think my total costs will be reduced.

5. The inspector general for tax administration at the Treasury Department reported in May 2013, that the IRS used “inappropriate criteria” when vetting groups seeking tax-exempt status as ‘social welfare’ organizations. Conservative names for the organizations caused concern with the IRS. No tie to the president has been found for using these criteria. He “called the IG’s findings ‘an outrage’” and asked the Treasury Secretary to find out who was responsible. Since then at least three top officials in the office were removed from their positions.

Personally, I would like to know what ‘social welfare’ Tea Party organizations conduct. The press reports political activities not activities that promote the welfare of the public. The IRS should carefully examine all organizations filing for tax-exempt status; not just those with conservative names

I may have omitted some of the charges against President Obama because, according to some, he can do nothing right. However, many of us think he has done a great deal of what is right and has tried to do more, without cooperation from the Congress. For example, changing our relationship with Cuba should have happened years ago. When the issue of what to do about Elian Gonzales occurred, I wanted President Clinton to invite the father from Cuba to visit the U. S. and to take his son home with him. We have endured 50 years of poor relations with a neighboring country without any positive outcome. Time to try something else; it may not change much but we are showing a willingness to take a new approach.

Shirley McAllister

Editor;s Note: Be sure to thank Shirley for her tireless work. Also, print this out and USE this information when you hear lies being told! We must strive to get the truth out whenever we can.

Have you paid your dues for 2015?

Membership for 2015 in the Sun City Democratic Club should be paid in January or February. Dues are $5 a person; if you are renewing and there is no change to your information you may send the check to Shirley McAllister with a sheet giving your name and saying ‘no change’. The address is 9520 W Greenway Road, Sun City AZ 85351. Forms for new memberships can be obtained by calling 623 556-6777. Please renew soon so that you may enjoy all the benefits of membership. After March, newsletters will no longer be sent to those with expired memberships.


Donate and Shop at the Garage Sale!

The Garage Sale is Thursday to Saturday, February—26, 27, and 28. Hours: 8 – 2 at 10422 West Cheryl, (see map below) which is located West of 103rd Avenue, South of Peoria. This is the home of Herb and Celeste Hyland.

Etta Marcus (337-4560) and Lynne Leonard (720 227-1196) are the co-chairs for this sale. Please call one of them to let them know what you can do to help. If everyone donates a box or a bag (or two) of merchandise we can make this sale a BIG success! Even bigger when you come back and buy something!

Clean a closet, donate, then shop!


10. Help Democratic Candidates with the money earned

9. Help earn money for the Club

8. Support the Valley View Food bank who receive all the unsold merchandise

7. Have tons of Fun

6. Get your garage cleaned out

5. Get some exercise moving stuff around

4. Be Green - Save the environment by recycling

3. Meet new people

2. Find some wonderful items for yourself

1. Get a start on next year’s Christmas gift list

We need your help in many ways. First of all, we can use all your donations. We can’t make any money unless we have something to sell. We will take anything from small knick knacks to small furniture pieces. They should be in usable condition. All electronics must be functional. We will also accept cash donations.

Secondly, we will need some of your time starting Monday Feb 23 to Saturday Feb 28 to get things ready for the sale and to work at the sale. It’s fun to be there and hang out with old and new friends while you’re helping.

Garage Sale Location

10422 West Cheryl, Sun City, AZ:
10422 West Cheryl Drive, Sun City, AZ 85351, USA

get directions


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