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VOTE! Sun City Democratic Club Summer 2014 Newsletter

Updated on September 8, 2014

You are invited.....


Voter Information Sheet

As distributed at the Sun City Democratic Club September 2014.  Questions?  Ask below.....
As distributed at the Sun City Democratic Club September 2014. Questions? Ask below..... | Source

Republicans FOR Fred DuVal for Governor!

Primary ELection RESULTS

REMEMBER TO VOTE in the General Election 2014!

Here is a link to the latest primary election results:

You will need to copy and paste this.

Go to comments to give your opinion!


Voting Matters!
Voting Matters! | Source


See you Thursday September 4th at 6 pm for our regular meeting! This will be the Ice Cream Social too!

See your invitation to the Ice Cream Social by scrolling down.......

Election News

Arizona voters who are voting early should have their primary election ballot. If you did not request an early ballot, you may do so until August 13. Just call 602 506-1511. An Arizona Election Primer is being emailed with the newsletter which has other dates pertinent to the election and phone numbers where you can get assistance. A list of Democratic candidates is also being distributed. Democrats have one contested primary race—for Superintendent of Public Instruction. Both David Garcia and Sharon Thomas are qualified to hold this appointment. You can learn more about them by checking their websites. There is a write-in candidate for Maricopa County Treasurer—Gerard Davis. In addition to writing in his name, you must fill in the bubble by the name so that the machine knows there was a vote for that office and spits out the ballot for hand counting.

LD 21 has two well-qualified women running for the Arizona Legislature. Carolyn Vasko, of Peoria, is our candidate for the AZ Senate; Esther Duran Lumm, of Surprise, is our candidate for the AZ House. After a delay because both were ill in early June, they are winding up the process of getting the $5 donations required for qualifying for Clean Elections funding. You will be hearing more from them after the primary election

In my opinion, the Arizona Democratic slate is the strongest that we’ve had in recent years. Fred DuVal for Governor; Terry Goddard for Secretary of State; Felicia Rotellini for Attorney General; either David Garcia or Sharon Thomas for Superintendent for Public Instruction; and Jim Holway and Sandra Kennedy for the Arizona Corporation Commission, where you may vote for both as there are two vacancies on the Commission.

Most of these people have met with the club during the past year and we will have additional opportunities to interact with them. House parties to help introduce Fred DuVal to Voters will be held in the West Valley through August and September, with a final one early in October. This information will be publicized by email and in the local paper. We are working on a large event in the West Valley for Fred DuVal during September—watch for further information.

The ADP Coordinated Campaign has opened an office in the West Valley with a Field Organizer to serve both LD 21 and LD 22. Francisco Chairez is already on the job leading canvasses and arranging for phone banking. If you want to volunteer, contact Francisco at 480 201-2880. The address for the office is 16551 N Dysart Rd, located just north of Grand Avenue. Hours the office will be open are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Come out and join the fun to help us elect the excellent candidates who have stepped forward in 2014.

Shirley McAllister

Fred DuVal for Governor

Fred DuVal for Governor in Arizona.
Fred DuVal for Governor in Arizona. | Source

Terry Goddard

Terry Goddard for Secretary of State in Arizona.
Terry Goddard for Secretary of State in Arizona. | Source

Fellicia Rotelini

Fellecia Rotelini for Attorney General in Arizona.
Fellecia Rotelini for Attorney General in Arizona. | Source

Democratic Candidates for August 26th 2014 Primary Election

LD 21







And fill in



Vote for both SANDRA KENNEDY





If you have questions about your ballot, call 623 312-5833.

The Sun City Democratic Club meets on the first Thursday of each month, September through May. Fairway Rec Center, 207th and Peoria Avenues. 6:00 p.m. Please join us.

LD 21 meets on the fourth Monday of each month at Menke’s Sun City Community Room, 10307 W Coggins. 6:00 social time; meeting at 6:30 p.m. All of Sun City is in LD 21.

Printed and distributed by Shirley McAllister; not authorized by any candidate.

Candidate Approved Websites

There are many web pages about candidates. Here are the websites managed by the candidates themselves. Use these locations to be informed and volunteer!

Fred DuVal's website:

Also follow Fred DuVal on Facebook

Terry Goddard's website:

Also,follow Terry Goddard on Facebook.

Felecia Rotellini's website:

David Garcia's website:

Sharon Thomas' website:

Also follow Sharon Thomas on Facebook at:


Jim Holway's website:

Also follow Jim Holway on Facebook at:

Sandra Kennedy's website:

Also follow Sandra Kennedy on Facebook at:

Carolyn Vasko's website:

Also follow Carolyn Vasko on Facebook at:

Follow Esther Duran Lumm on Facebook at:

Carlo Leone did not have a web presence at the time of publication. (Please, contact newsletter below if website becomes available.)

Bill Bercu's website:

Ice Cream Social Invitation for September

Your invitation to the Ice Cream Social in Arizona.
Your invitation to the Ice Cream Social in Arizona. | Source

Arizona Election Primer 2014

Qualifications to vote in Arizona:

U. S. Citizenship and Resident of Arizona

No felony convictions unless voting rights have been restored.

Over 18 years of age (17-year olds can register if birthdate is on or before November 4.)

How to register to vote:

Go to or

Contact a party office or precinct committee person.

Registration forms:

Arizona Voter Registration form to be used for initial registration, to record a name change, or to change your party affiliation.

Short form can be used to change your registration address, to add a mailing address or to request a ballot by mail.

Important dates for 2014 elections:

July 28 Last day to register to vote in the primary.

August 15 Last day to request a mail-in ballot for primary. Those registered as Democrat or Republican will receive a ballot for their designated party. Others must call Maricopa County Elections (602 506-1511) to request the ballot they wish to use.

August 22 Early voting for the primary closes.

August 26 Primary Election Day

October 6 Last day to register to vote in the general election.

October 24 Last day to request a mail-in ballot.

October 9 Early ballots mailed.

October 31 Early voting ends at 5:00 p.m.

Nov. 4 Election Day

Nov. 4 All mailed ballots must be in Maricopa County Elections office.

Democrats in LD 21 who have questions about registration or voting should contact:

Marvin McCollum 623 334-3227 LD 21 Registration Chair

Dianne Nesvig 623 433-9856 LD 21 Democratic Chair

Vance Coleman 623 977-4660 SCDC President

Shirley McAllister 623 312-5833 Democratic activist

You can establish whether you are registered or have requested an early ballot by going to

Printed and distributed by Shirley McAllister; not authorized or approved by any candidate.

(Editor's Note: We welcome all Winter Visitors at our meetings, not just those eligible to vote in Arizona. So, please continue to support the Sun City Democratic Club while you winter in Sun City AZ.)

Editorial View

Arizona has unique problems with heat, dust, and scarcity of water. Isn’t it sad that Representative Debbie Lesko, has so little understanding of the issues related to the environment in Arizona? Those who make the laws should try to understand the issues related to what they propose or oppose. Lesko finds fault with EPA rules and calls dialog about climate change “hysterical” (Peoria Times, 7/2514 and Daily News-Sun, 7/29/14).

Let’s keep in mind that Lesko has sponsored and/or supported numerous bills in the AZ Legislature that have been found unconstitutional. Millions of dollars were stolen from the public schools in order to fund private prisons—a boondoggle to help repay some of Governor Brewer’s advisors who lobbied for private prisons. (At the same time, she told her constituents that no funds had been cut from education.) The court is now requiring that these funds be returned to education, meaning the AZ budget will be strained once again. The state has had to spend many more dollars in defending against lawsuits related to other legislation on immigration, in which the position of the AZ Legislature and the Governor were overturned.

Apparently, Lesko doesn’t take the time to inform herself about the issues being discussed. She accepts the word of her benefactors: ALEC, The Heartland Institute, The Goldwater Institute or whoever else has money to send her to a conference. Las Vegas, New Orleans, Scottsdale are fun places to visit on someone else’s dime.

Voters should inform themselves of the facts related to EPA rules and the environment. Grunwald (Time, 6/30/14) writes that while 75% of U. S. carbon emissions come from coal-fueled plants, only 39% of our electricity comes from those plants. And the figures are improving. By 2030, the EPA plan calls for reduction of carbon emissions by 30% from the 2005 levels. But, Grunwald reports, we are “nearly halfway there.” He concludes that the EPA plan is too modest.

In the brief time since Lesko called for “fight(ing) the EPA”, I’ve seen TV commercials funded by APS, touting their move to using more solar energy along with natural gas. On July 30, the Daily News-Sun reported testimony of Governor Brewer’s senior energy programs manager for Energy Policy before a U. S. House Natural Resources sub-committee, in which he called for public lands to be ”more readily available for renewable energy development.” Eric Fitzer’s testimony was that with further access to public land, Arizona could become the solar capital of the world. Hardly the negative view of solar energy portrayed by Lesko. But I forgot—she opposed the solar industry before we had an industry. Her buddies are funded by fossil fuels so she supports continuing to spew carbon emissions across the land.

She should consider that many of her constituents suffer from breathing problems caused by dust, particulates in the air and other noxious fumes regulated by the EPA.

In 1970, President Nixon signed the Clean Air Act, supported by 374 members of the House and 73 Senators—truly a bipartisan, non-controversial bill. In recent years, Republicans have fought many provisions of the Clean Air Act. It was not until 2008, that the Supreme Court ruled that carbon dioxide was a pollutant. President Obama has made slow but steady progress toward a cleaner environment, through investment in green energy as a part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. (Don’t cite Solyndra; not all investments pay off.) Without major legislation, development of new fuels, turbines, energy meters and other devises has taken place. Vehicle fuel standards have been increased and cleaner standards for gasoline announced.

Lesko and other Republicans find fault with every accomplishment of President Obama. Her criticism of EPA rules as part of the president’s agenda will appeal to some. Fortunately, I, and many others, support the president’s agenda. Solar panels on my home have resulted in my having APS bills less than $10/month for the past 4 months; my new car gets up to 42 mpg. I thought the older one was good with 35 mpg on trips but now I can get that mileage with local driving.

What I do to reduce emissions will benefit Lesko’s family as well as mine. Democrats are willing to share good fortune. I just wish she would support legislation that would benefit my family, not just provide her with more freebies.

~Shirley McAllister

Published in the Daily News Sun 8/15/2014

Found on Facebook

Brought to you by your Board.  What Democrats achieved....
Brought to you by your Board. What Democrats achieved....

President Obama's Latest Address to the American People

Where the Sun City Democratic Club Meets

Fairway Recreation Center Sun City AZ:
Sun City, AZ, USA

get directions

Join us in September!

One Last Thing.....

One last thing.....this Newsletter is very interactive. It belongs to you. So ask questions and give us your respectful and civil opinions.

You will hear back from us. Tell us why you are voting for a candidate. Give us updates on your candidates. Invite us to candidate events.

Also, forward the web address of this newsletter to others. Let's get the word out!

We do reserve the right to edit any troll activity, though!


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    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 

      4 years ago from San Diego California

      Interesting idea to use hub pages for your newsletter. Since I lived a long time in AZ I find it interesting to follow.


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