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Sun Day Worship Debunked

Updated on February 24, 2013

The Truth & Origin of Sunday Worship

"Eat of the fruit of the tree, you shall not die, but rather, thine eyes shall be opened and you shall become... like God. What does it matter, a tree is just a tree." Satan.

What does it matter, a day is just a day. Saturday, Sunday, it doesn't really matter as long as we give praise to The Almighty. Wrong, just as with the tree in the garden of Eden, our day of worship does matter

Sunday, the name attributed to the first day of the week by the heathens earned its name because it was acknowledge as they day they worshiped the sun which they were wont to. This worshiping of the sun was common practice in the days of the empires of Rome, Greece, Persia and Babylon.

But how can we accurately know and determine the proper day of worship which God hath sanctified? How can we know that the name "Saturday," pagan in its origin, was actually placed on the seventh day of the week in accordance to the Hebrew calendar? Despite the obvious change of the day of worship, "Sabbath," by the Roman Emperor "Constantine," in the fourth century; can we accurately deduce the rightful day of worship before proceeding to discredit the foundation of Sunday worship, despite it being formed on the premise of man's dogmas?

I can assure you henceforth, whatever you read here will/may undoubtedly change your life, and if it does not, then you my friend have been deeply rooted in the dogmas and nihilistic ploys of mankind, their conditioning has grasped you with clenched fists and only you can free yourself from such delusion.

What is a day? Please, do not regard it merely as a 24hr period as that would primarily situate it with man's dogmas and system of calculation, (think outside the system that you have been conditioned to think within) regard it as; from sunset to sunset. A day concludes and initiates when the sun sets.(see Mark 1:32; Luke 4:40.) Or any encyclopaedia.

The sabbath has always been kept since the inception of man. From Adam through to Moses unto the time of the Roman empire when they came and made the historical move of transcending God's laws.

Adam was created and living when sunset crept upon the sixth day of creation, when God rested from His work. Thus the seventh day was kept by him and passed down through generations to come. Remember, the Sabbath was made for man despite the Bible not clearly stating that Adam kept it.

Any one that seeks to disapprove of the Sabbath must also remember: All the laws must exist together, other wise, like a chain, its useless. If one is discredited then all are useless. Many scholars argue that the Sabbath law was a new law and that it was not observed prior to Moses as with the 10 commandments. But we all know that if there is no law, there is no sin and there was indeed sin translating from Adam, Noah through to Moses. If there exists sin then there must be laws and there was sin.

Peter said that Noah was "a preacher of righteousness" (2 Peter 2:5). What is righteousness?

Psalms 119:172
My tongue shall speak of thy word: for all thy commandments are righteousness.

Righteousness is the "commandments," which includes of course, the Sabbath (Exodus 20:8-11). Therefore if Noah preached it, he surely lived!

The Sabbath was kept and thus God instituted it resoundingly henceforth so that misconceptions would be set aside, yet the devil has managed to thwart the perception and minds of many to discount of it.

This Hub is not about the relevance of the Sabbath or if it is applicable today. Neither the sabbath nor the commandments have been made obsolete. Let me proceed to debunk this facet of scripture.

To understand the Word of God, you cannot take any one scripture out of context and build an entire doctrine from it when the bulk of the Word of God says the exact opposite. The critics arguments rest on this extract from the Bible as well as words from Paul, both of which I will prove has been thwarted by misconceived minds.

Col 2:14-16
"Having canceled out the certificate of debt consisting of decrees against us and which was hostile to us; and He has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross. When He had disarmed the rulers and authorities, He made a public display of them, having triumphed over them through Him. Therefore let no one act as your judge in regard to food or drink or in respect to a festival or a new moon or a Sabbath day- things which are a mere shadow of what is to come; but the substance belongs to the Messiah." ( Col 2:14-16)

The subject of Col 2:14-16 is NOT the Sabbath day, Feasts, and Commandments. The subject is the penalty of death or “certificate of debt” that was levied against mankind for our failure to keep them (the law) prior to Jesus paying that debt for us with his blood.

Again, the subject is the "certificate of debt" not the Sabbaths or Feasts.

ONE: Paul is saying; Do not let anyone (Jews) condemn you (Gentiles) with the old “certificate of debt” or “penalties of the law” because the penalty has been nailed to the cross. We now have GRACE. So you see the law has not been shun or put away, but rather we should not allow anyone to condemn us anymore, as we have been saved by grace. Those penalties which would have been implemented no longer applies, we now only have to ask and it shall be forgiven. The laws of God are still in place and relevant, they have never changed, our path to God has been made easier through Jesus and the penalties paid. Don't be fooled by the doctrines of man.

Noah kept the sabbath as he learned from Adam who lived 243 years with Methuselah, and until Lamech was 56 years of age. These men knew which day was the seventh day as well as Methuselah who lived 600 years with Noah, and Lamech who lived with Noah 595 years, and so the precedence of God's day continues even today. God would not allow something so sacred as his sanctified day to be lost through time. This day was carried through from creation by men of God.

If you truly think about it, for time to be lost with God's holy day, not only ONE MAN, but every other person in his country or the world would have to wake up the same morning with the same hallucination! Do you think this possible?

So now that we have established that the day we call Saturday today, IS, and has always been the only sanctified day of worship, how and why did man transfer its sanctity to Sunday.

Note: God did not transfer it, but man did.

To clear up any misconception, I will expound on the transition that truly occurred and then you will realize that Saturday always was the Holy day of rest.

If a man takes the value of the number "10" (ten) and attributes that value to the number "11" (eleven) it simply means that number 10 (ten) was THE original and was always present prior to 11 (eleven). Furthermore, a being of lesser stature cannot transfer that which he has NOT the authority to do. Man cannot just simply devalue and revalue that which has been instituted by God.

During the fourth century, the Roman Emperor Constantine passed a decree to unite his kingdom. This degree was to establish union between pagans and Christians throughout his empire. The emperor's decree read: "On the venerable day of the sun, let the magistrates and people residing in cities rest, and let all the shops be closed." Note: He called Sun-Day, "The venerable day of the Sun." This was the first Sunday law introduced. In such days the church along with the state were seeking to convert pagans to Christianity and this was seen as a subtle and effective way to do so. Government and church united. Constantine wanted to unite his kingdom and the Roman church wanted to convert the pagans. Sunday worship became the vehicle of transportation for such.

So you see, God didn't change the sabbath, Jesus didn't change the sabbath, nor did the disciples. It was Constantine and the Roman Catholic Church. They changed God's law, I don't think you understand the levity of the situation. Mankind changed God's law. Now who's laws would you rather follow, God or man? This is how the Sunday church worship primarily originated. Through the ages and even present day, the Roman Catholics have admitted to changing the Sabbath, a quick self research by yourself will reveal such as well.

The Convert's Cathechism of Catholic Doctrines states:

Q: Why do we observe Sunday instead of Saturday?

A: We observe Sunday instead of Saturday because the catholic church transferred the solemnity from Saturday to Sunday.

Whose authority will you uphold, God or man? This is a simple case of fabrication and deviation from God's words. The Roman Catholic changed the law of God in the fourth and fifth century. This is no secret. Many Catholic Bishops have attested to this, but their arguments stands on the basis of doing what is necessary to bring persons to Christ and the continuity of tradition.

Many bishops including Reverend Philip Carrington, Anglican Archbishop have shown that Sunday worship has no credible basis. Monsignor Segu'r clearly expounds on this when he mentioned that, "The Catholic Church by the authority of Jesus changed the Sabbath." Remember, God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. His commandments were NOT set in place to later be fine tuned by the church. Despite such seemingly notable intention by the Catholic church, the church has no authority to change God's law.

There will be Sunday worshipers in heaven, for in such churches are Saints who truly love the Lord, ignorant of the truth of the Sabbath. Spread the good news. Now you know, be a light unto others, be a light unto the world.

If you accept Sunday, you are accepting a day of worship based on the authority of the church and NOT the authority of God. If you accept the authority of the church in this manner, then you should be a Catholic.

Like Satan unto Eve, "What difference does a tree make?"- Well the difference led to the fall of mankind.

Now Satan has another deception up his sleeve, "What difference does a day make?" Don't let him take your salvation. Keep the Sabbath Holy, obey the Ten Commandments and not the 9 (nine) which the world has conditioned you to see. God Bless You.


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