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Super-Strong, Genetically-Engineered Dogs to Cure Parkinson's Disease

Updated on August 14, 2016

For this paper, find a short news story that catches your attention. Next, review the techniques that are necessary to follow when writing for broadcast. Now, following the script format presented on those pages, convert your short news story to a broadcast news script. This paper must be submitted in the news story format.


Genetically engineered dogs may hold the key to curing Parkinson’s disease.

China’s Guangzhou (gawn–sz-oh) General Pharmaceutical Research Institute is currently playing host to two genetically engineered beagles. Hercules and Tiangou (Ten-gu) were both created without the myostatin (my-o-statin) gene. The lack of the myostatin (my-o-statin) gene caused the two dogs to have double the amount of muscle mass that an ordinary beagle would possess.

You might ask yourself what made the researchers decide to remove the myostatin (my-o-statin) gene from these beagles.

The removal of the myostatin (my-o-statin) gene was inspired by a baby born in Berlin during 2013. This baby was born with double the muscle mass that a baby is expected to have. It was discovered that the increased muscle mass came from the fact that the baby was born without the myostatin (my-o-statin) gene. The young toddler was able to hold two dumbbells that weighed 3 kilograms each or seven pounds each before he turned five years old.

The process of removing the myostatin (my-o-statin) gene could potentially be refined in the future to be used to cure Parkinson’s disease.

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“There is certainly the potential for this model to help fight human diseases. The process we have been developing could help prevent muscular dystrophy and Parkinson's disease”
The project may have succeeded in creating super dogs, but there are still ethical concerns over the treatment of Hercules and Tiangou (Ten-gu). The Research Animals Department at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is currently examining the study ensure that all procedures were and will be conducted in an ethical manner.


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Obtain a copy of your company’s annual report or search a company online and review a copy of the annual report. What are some key elements you notice about the annual report that make it different from the other types of materials prepared by public relations practitioners? Consider that you have been assigned the task of preparing your company’s annual report. How will you begin the process? What planning steps would be needed to get the project underway?

I work at an elementary school, not a company, so I opted to obtain a copy of the Make a Wish Foundation’s annual report. As soon as I opened the report, I noticed that it was very different from the other types of materials prepared by public relations practitioners. The report has many different sections and some of the sections were set up differently. The annual report also had photos, quotes, and short stories mixed throughout the report. I found that this annual report had more emotion in it than I expected to be in a report.

If I has been assigned the task of preparing your company’s annual report I would begin by collecting all of the information that I would need to create the report; I would also review the previous year’s annual report. Next I would create a layout for the report that would display the information in an interesting fashion so as to avoid boring the reader. Once I finished creating a layout I would begin to write each individual section using the information I had collected. Finally, I would finish the report by adding some artistic and emotional aspects such as photos with short quotes or stories.

Think about what you have learned in the past eight weeks. How do you feel about the role of the public relations writer now that you have engaged in several types of public relations writing? What will you apply in practice when given the opportunity?

After spending the last eight weeks as a student in the writing for public relations class I feel like I have gained a new understanding of what it means to be a public relations practitioner. Prior to this class I mainly thought a public relations practitioner was the person that made bad PR disappear and helped to create good PR. I never really thought about all of the writing and planning involved. Now that I have engaged in several types of public relations writing I feel as if I might want to consider becoming a public relations writer; I found myself enjoying the process of writing and creating the different documents and assignments. If given the opportunity I feel like I could now create news releases, newsletters, and feature stories. I plan to apply my new knowledge to my freelance writing work as it will allow me to expand the type of writing that I will be able to offer to my clients.


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