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BJP v/s BSY.

Updated on February 16, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

Aggarbathi used in temples for God.

God helps our Chief Minister B.S.Yediurappa.

Any crisis our Chief Minister starts visiting temples wasting public money and time.He came out of 2 big crisis by visiting temples,now its the 3rd crisis that has a Rs.5000 Crore Scam in the history of the state.He has visited temples and has gone to meet the national president of BJP Gadkari with the fragrance of Aggarbhathi from the temples he has visited.

He has a group of Ministers who do not waste time but waste public money staying in 5 star hotels and traveling to any place in India in choppers and taking with them their henchmen in any numbers that they need.

There is a big scam and crisis going on in the only BJP ruled state in south India.The BJP came to power as the other parties were unacceptable to the people of Karnataka.There were only 2 other parties they being that of Sonia Gandhi ruled congress and Devegowda & Sons controlled Janata Party.Both were found corrupt.People of Karnataka gave BJP a chance to rule and after over 2 years and 6 months they ruled the land by grabbing prime land any where in the state.The sons of Chief Minister were found hefty rich over night.

There is a fight between Bramhins,Lingayits and Gowdas in Karnataka ever since Independance and the big religious leader being Deve Gowda a billionier and bramhin hater as also Lingayits hater.How much money he spends is itself a scam.He owns over 50 petrol pumps.Owns TV channel run by his daughter in law.His sons are his arms and most dearest workers he trusts.

The fight between B.S.Yediurappa and Devegowda's son Kumaraswamy is now out in the open and is on in all TV channels in the state.

Kumaraswamy says that B.S.Yediurappa looted money and land when he was a deputy under him.It is indeed a big surprise that he did nothing at that time but to keep the required documents that were necessary whenever needed and now he exposes his misdeeds to see he is out of power.

B.S.Yediurappa thought he was a Superman as also the Chief Minister wielding power of police at his command that even they entered the MLA's assembly hall to stop heavy gotala and gudbud that was never seen in 60 years.

When there was no law & Order even in Vidhana Sowdha,when there was no foot path in the road,when there was no water or power for tiny villages in the interiors and border areas,when the crime rate was not controlled but pubs and 5 star hotels were given time tables on restricted time and holidays that was a no drinking day or called also as dry days,when traffic police were only after catching motor cyclists who were riding their bikes with out helmets,when millions of people were rendered homeless after a flood,when tiny school kids were going to school with out a play ground or a toilet,when rural youth migrated to urban areas as they were unemployed in their villages and were a menace in city's doing rowdy and goons work and many other areas neglected all over the state the Chief Minister was going to temple after temple and the people were made aware of what was going on in the BJP ruled state by the TV channels.

The ugly truth of the Chief Minister and his colleagues misdeeds including that of a Charming Lady Minister who went out but returned again after a scam was indeed a wake up call to the people of Karnataka.The naked truth is that B.S.Yediurappa did not spend his or the party's money to tell the people of Karnataka what the congress or Kumaraswamy's Janatha Party did during their rule and the assets that each Chief Minister had made.His homework was very poor.Instead of visiting temples if he had collected all the misdeeds of his predececers he would have had the same leverage as that of what the media was highlighting and making him run from temple to temple now.

There are over 13 allegations of corruption,land grab and misuse of power leveled against the chief minster but he is as of now unshakable by even the top national leaders at Delhi.It says in local print media that he paid Rs.500 Crore to top leaders in Delhi to stay in power.

Next 48 hours this Superman Chief Minister will be dead or alive in politics.

He is in his chair as Chief Minister after 48 hours as he has paid Rs.500 Crore to top leaders in Delhi.


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