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Superman versus Mom: Who is The 'Real' Hero?

Updated on May 24, 2016
kenneth avery profile image

Kenneth has been a member of HubPages for five years. He is retired from a 23-year career in the weekly newspaper business.

The Man of Steel. The hero we have grown to love and admire
The Man of Steel. The hero we have grown to love and admire | Source

A few members of The Mothers Hall of Fame

Donna Reed played "Donna Stone"
Donna Reed played "Donna Stone" | Source
Jane Wyatt played "Margaret Anderson"
Jane Wyatt played "Margaret Anderson" | Source
June Lockhart played "Ruth Martin"
June Lockhart played "Ruth Martin" | Source
Barbara Billingsley played June Cleaver
Barbara Billingsley played June Cleaver | Source

This piece is late. Really late

I should have published this piece a week before or during our annual Mother's Day Sunday a few days ago, but I didn't. For that, I am sorry. Really sorry.

There has already been reams of paper used to express many thoughts about the two subjects of this hub: Superman and mother. At first glance, these world-renown icons live on seperate sides of the spectrum. Unless you really invest some thinking into the similarities (that stare you in the face) between the two you may miss a valued point that might teach you something. What? That is up to you.

Fantasy and reality

I love both, fantasy and reality. Other writers including my great followers on HubPages and other, higher places in the world are easily-better than myself. But they depend on fantasy and reality just like I do many times to get "that" right phrase, sentence, or idea to make a project complete. That's the common threat that runs through the Hemmingways, Hunter Thompsons, Catgypsy's, Kiss and Tales, Jodah's and yes, even me.

Has it ever hit you what your life would be like without fantasy and reality? Boring, for one. Decimating, if you are an actor or screenwriter. My point. Life simply does not exist or evolve in an isolated vacuum never changing, never evolving, just existing.

Whether we face it, embrace it or not, "we" the creations of God do evolve. Sometimes in a subtle sense and sometimes with an explosion similar to the fireworks shot on any Fourth of July celebration.

Superman and mom

These entities should be easy to analyze. We have either have seen or still see both almost every day. At first, both are exciting. But as time eases by on its one-way march, they slowly fade. Sadly, this is true. I for one, am very glad, even ecstatic that both are still with us allowing us, the weaker people, (me included at the head of the line) to lean on, talk to, trust and confide in whenever we choose.

Funny thing is, "I" only used to seek my mom when I was in trouble. Not as much when things were smooth in my young life. Sure, I even looked to Superman when trouble erupted in school or in my life outside the halls of my high school. Thank God no one heard me saying out loud, "now what would Clark Kent do in a situation like this?"

No one ever heard me, but somehow I have to believe that although he is fictitious, Superman somewhere, somehow heard me because many times, the "tough" situation I was facing, was dissolved. I can say the same thing about my late mother. A few words of her advice or maybe a little of her listening while I spilled by guts, and troubles seemed not as big as they once were.

Brief look at motherhood

A loving mother
A loving mother | Source
A mom can cook
A mom can cook | Source
Mom portrayed in wall poster
Mom portrayed in wall poster | Source
Motherhood seen in satire
Motherhood seen in satire | Source

Something to remember

Do me this one favor. I do not think that in the five years I have been a member of HubPages that I have asked too much of you, but this favor should be easy for you.

The next time you are around your mom, and even if she has passed from this world to gather her huge and deserved-award, let this thought burn into your mind: All heroes are not dressed in bullet-proof costumes, and fly.

Reality's heroes are those who wear dresses, help in child rearing, and do jobs that any man can do. They also carry the the title of "mom" very proudly.

I give you, the moms in my readership, a sadly belated "Happy Mother's Day."

Closing observations

  • In 2016, Superman has evolved, re-evolved, and somehow remains constant. The red and yellow "S" on his chest still stands for "Super" in man. On the other hand, moms are not as complacent as the mom's we grew up watching on early television. (e.g. June Lockhart, "Ruth Martin," "Lassie," Jane Wyatt, "Margaret Anderson," "Father Knows Best, and Barbara Billingsley, "June Cleaver," "Leave it to Beaver).
  • Today's mom is not only a mom (by choice), but a lawyer, doctor, professor, truck driver, even a member of the Marine Corps. But most are still mom to a son or daughter, either biologically or adopted.
  • Superman may be "faster than a speeding bullet," or "leap a building in a single bound," but he will never lay claim to giving birth to a child, which in itself, could be a bit more painful than a rock of Kryptonite, his weakness.
  • Superman does have X-ray vision to see through walls to study the thugs he is chasing. Moms do not have X-ray vision. They don't need it. They just have "that" special intuition that tells them in a silent voice that something is wrong with their children, husband, or dear friend. I suppose if the truth be known, Superman might be a little envious of how easy that a mom can learn so much just by watching and listening.
  • Superman has Heat Vision to melt away barriers that seperate him from the criminals. Moms just have to look at a child or friend who has wronged them and in "that" look, the aggressor's heart is many times melted away and peace is then restored.
  • Superman, for some reason, I want to blame his writers, has only one piece of wardrobe. The blue bullet-proof costume, red cape, and red and yellow "S" that we talked about. Moms have the luxury of having a closet where dresses, pants suits, shoes, jackets and sometimes hats to adorn themselves (by choice) for themselves because they have not forgotten how beautiful and powerful they are in their womanhood.
  • Lux Luthor is arguably the number one evil nemesis of Superman because of his loathful, scheming ploys to defeat Superman in order to rule the world. A mom's number one nemesis is that faceless, life-draining "monster," being taken for granted.
  • Superman's secret identity is mild-mannered newspaper reporter, Clark Kent, who works for The Daily Planet. A mom has her own secret identity: woman. And this is mostly hidden from view of her husband, kids, coworkers and neighbors.
  • Superman is always looking out for others, but so are mom's. Superman has nothing on mom in this or any of these comparisons. Mom's were looking out for others long before Superman came to us from the plant Krypton.

Today's mom is a lot of women--wife, mother, CEO, business owner, manager, writer, a fully-evolved woman
Today's mom is a lot of women--wife, mother, CEO, business owner, manager, writer, a fully-evolved woman | Source

© 2016 Kenneth Avery


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    • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenneth Avery 

      2 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Hi, Matt,

      Thanks so much for the nice comment.

      I do not mind sharing these pieces at all.

      That is my ultimate goal: making people on HP happy if only for a moment.


    • Matt Wells profile image

      Matt Wells 

      2 years ago

      Another fun read! Thanks for sharing Kenneth!


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