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Surrendering To The Elixix Of Poltical Correctness

Updated on March 13, 2011

Surrendering To The Elixir Of Political Correctness

I have been watching the hearings scheduled by Representative Peter King on home grown terrorism – and the media is in a frenzy condemning Mr. King about these hearings and even going as far as invoking McCarthyism. In the Sixties, we had hearings on the mob instigated by Robert Kennedy because said hearings were warranted; in the Eighties, we had hearings on gang violence due to the wanton drive-by-shootings; and now the hearings on home grown terrorism. I am certain the Italians in the Sixties and some blacks in the Eighties did not like these respective hearings, yet they were necessary because of the danger to our society… and I dare say, the danger face from home grown terrorism is of utmost importance than the danger from those earlier eras. Consider what one man can do with a weapon of mass destruction… consider how many terrorist acts were thwarted in the last year alone and these are those we are privy to.

We are reminded that Timothy McVeigh was white – I do not care what color the terrorists is - so long as we kill them or lock them up; incidentally, we have had hearings on the violent militia men or White Supremacists groups too. I am certain that there were some who died in the Oklahoma building tragedy who held the same political position as McVeigh, but chose a non-violent path to air their grievances. What make Muslims so special – from Italians, Blacks, and Whites - that we cannot have hearings when the evidence backs the stats about who is carrying out violent Jihad? We all have watched pregnant women, blossoming with motherhood, yet adorn with bombs and nails, trying to play on our soldiers’ sympathy for those who are about to be mothers… and only to see these would-be mothers blow themselves and the soldiers to bits and pieces - there are even children, almost on a daily basis (Pakistan), who also have been used as pawns in this type of religious violence.

I have a friend, Robert, out of New Jersey who gave me my first job out of law school; he would always say to me that, perhaps, the Jihadists need to be successful once again because we have not learned from 911 and have become complacent. I would always chastise Robert… by telling him that people will be hurt… which might include members of his family, if there were another successful attack. In that same vein, as there is a God above and Jesus is His son, I know that there will be another bad attack and we are going to be hit hard. I do not know where I will be, but I know that the words during that tragic time for the narrative have already been written; that the seemingly, plausible excuses have been put to pen and paper; that the pundits of this PC cancerous plague have memorized their lines; and that the sites for the ecumenical gatherings have been chosen, along with the various religious speakers who will be spewing their platitudes about the Holocaust to come. From dark places, those who concocted the elixir known as Political Correctness (PC) have managed to make the interpretation of our Constitution and our way of life suicidal… but of course, I am a paranoid loon.


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    • Verily Prime profile imageAUTHOR

      Verily Prime 

      7 years ago from New York

      Thank you for the assist, Junko - we are living in strange times and I believe in the truth even if I myself is implicated.

    • junko profile image


      7 years ago

      What you wrote in this hub Is not politically incorrect. It reflects reasonable and sound thinking. These days there is a lot of opposition about any and everything. What must be done must be done with opposition. Good hub


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