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Surge of Support for Stronger Borders Around the World Amid Migrant/Terror Crisis

Updated on August 20, 2016
Migrants Forcing Their way Into Europe
Migrants Forcing Their way Into Europe | Source

Terrorists Masquerading as Migrants Raises Global Fears

One of the greatest strengths western civilization has is also considered its greatest weakness. That attribute is compassion. And it's clearly being taken advantage of in nations like France and Germany where despite the rampant rise of violent crime, the governments still try to cover for the migrants who struggle to assimilate. But patience is wearing thin with those respective populations as they are financially being taken advantage of, and their people are dying on average of every 84 hours as a result of a terrorist attack in the west.

A global survey organization known as Ipsos MORI went to 22 different nations around the world and polled around 16,000 people in those nations on what they're thoughts were regarding immigration from the Middle East. Those nations included Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Britain, Canada, USA, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, Italy, Japan, Mexico and France. Others were included but for transparency sake its worth mentioning the diversity of the nations polled.

In European nations alone, who seem to be taking a bulk of the migrants, only 16% believed that their nations policies had a positive impact on their nations while an overwhelming 53% is largely negative. And globally 45% had negative views of immigration, while 20% had more of a positive view and 35% didn't have an answer. 60% of the world believes that terrorists are using the migrant crises to infiltrate their nations and specifically those views bumped up further when the US, Italy, Germany, Hungary and Russia were polled on that question. That statistic bumped up to 70%

This type of research should serve as a warning for governments who continue their open border policies. It is directly linked to the rise of violent crime in Europe and will likely do the same in the United States if we repeat the mistakes Europe commits. The vetting process is very lackadaisical and the governments who don't have an effective way to vet migrants are gambling with the lives of their people.

Poll can be found here at this link:

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