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Surrounded by WOLVES!

Updated on November 3, 2009

Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick.....

Seems to me, all one has to do to get the latest on the violent attack by the wolves of this world is turn on the NEWS! All they can do is reveal the PROBLEMS, but GIVE NO SOLUTIONS! How POWERLESS we feel! I’ve VOTED every time an election comes around; I DO my part! Seems to me we have a LYING GOVERNMENT AND A LYING WORLD FULL OF THE GREEDY, THE SCAMMERS, THE SWINDLERS, THE ARROGANT, THE “POWERFUL” that will literally destroy anyone and everyone in their paths to TAKE SOME MORE!

All I hear about is how our GOVERNMENT keeps trying to TAKE MORE MONEY from BLEEDING TURNIPS! TAX, TAX, TAX AND MORE TAX! How does one explain the Federal Government TAKING MORE income tax from citizens, BORROWING OUR MONEY so we have larger tax returns? THEN WHAT?! An I.O. U.? WITH NO INTEREST OR PENALTIES? OH! But if WE’RE even ONE DAY LATE paying our taxes, we get slammed with penalties and interest?! The IRS can come and RAID one’s personal bank accounts?!

Look at the COST of EDUCATION! We have teachers losing their jobs, larger class sizes, schools that bleed money out of parents with FUND RAISERS and REQUESTS for SUPPLIES! All the while, college presidents are collecting MILLION DOLLAR PAYCHECKS, charging college students $50K annually for an education! What kind of JOB can a person with a Bachelor’s Degree get these days? Working at a Pizza Hut?! AND NO, BANKRUPTCIES CANNOT ERASE GOVERNMENT LOANS!!! These poor people end up paying back their education loans over a lifetime and living worse off than someone without a college degree!!!

Why is it that in Jerusalem, citizens can pay for either religious school or public school with their taxes? But HERE, IN THE LAND OF THE FREE, we HAVE to pay for SATAN’S SCHOOL, but then have to pay private tuition for GOD’S SCHOOL?! WHO’S BOUND HERE? Satan or GOD?

THEN….we have MUSLIM TERRORISTS ALL OVER OUR COUNTRY trying to BOMB and HARM American citizens within our walls, all the while our GOVERNMENT allows them to come and PRAY to their god on the steps our WHITE HOUSE! ARREST ME, WHY DON’T YOU?! UNTIL THEY TAKE AWAY OUR FREE SPEECH on the internet, I’M GOING TO SPEAK OUT!

And that’s not even far-fetched! There’s NOW an action going on to SILENCE ANYONE from speaking out against ISLAM! Why? Because the majority of the United Nations IS ISLAMIC! The sheer Muslim demographics alone can pretty much GUARANTEE anyone that is NOT MUSLIM will be burned alive (like they did six Christians just a couple of weeks ago), or BEHEADED. WONDERFUL!!!  And HOW do we play right into their hands?  Have a Czar in our presidential cabinet that wants to make abortions MANDATORY!  And, what's even more PERVERTED, let's allow humans to MARRY ANIMALS!

Speaking of ANIMALS, then you have American MEN ~ excuse me; should they even be called MEN?! The ones who go around popping out kids from every woman they can plant their almighty seed in and bear child after child after child, only to SKATE on to the NEXT female while they totally IGNORE any FINANCIAL SUPPORT of the children they already HAVE?! Mothers are getting RAPED by these DEAD-BEATS! Children are getting ROBBED by these DEAD-BEATS! And Child Support Services can’t spend their money putting these guys in JAIL ~ NO! We’ve got to pay our workers! Is it any wonder why women are simply KILLING THEIR INFANTS? How much does it COST to raise a child in America? Food costs, clothing costs, medical costs, daycare costs, college costs?

Then you have AT-WILL employment! The employers can treat their employees like crap, breaking many of the LABOR LAWS, only for a LABOR-LAW ATTORNEY to tell you, “These things are really hard to prove…” In fact, they don’t even need a reason to fire you. We sit here and work our fingers to the bone, bend over and take it every day, all the while watching the owners buy multi-million dollar homes. Did you know there are people who’ve not only taken a cut in pay, but they even work on days they don’t get paid at all?!

Businesses are leaving California! We are one of the highest taxed states in America, yet our State is going BROKE. What do people DO when their UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE RUNS OUT? Oh! So we want to take advantage of going to school while we’re unemployed to become more competitive in the job market? Great! Except, the grant money offered (around $7,000) is for BOOKS ONLY, IF you go to an ACCREDITED college! I can get a certificate through a State college for maybe $3,000.00. NOT APPROVED. However, IF I want to go to a NON-ACCREDITED school that will cost $18,000.00 for the same certificate, APPROVED! Why? Because it forces me to get a student LOAN, earning interest for either the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT or the ALMIGHTY BANKS. With the job market looking like it does, it would be FOOLISH to get a LOAN of any sort!!

And this is only a small little tidbit of the WICKEDNESS going on in this country and in this WORLD! Not even a splitting hair of the ICEBERG!

So, here we sit, surrounded by rabid wolves, shaking to death, trying to keep our focus on JESUS. You want to go to the safe haven of church? SURE, PACK A GUN WITH YOU WHEN YOU GO! Anyone hear the news about churches in Southern California?! Sometimes, I feel like my Father’s sitting in His heavenly house, knowing we’re surrounded by rabid wolves and He’s continually telling us, “Keep the faith”; “I will prevail”; “No harm will come to you!” Have you ever just been so mad you cry?! AND….PROPHECY SAYS IT’S ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE!!! Wow ~ I feel better now!


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    • Shepherd's Lamb profile image

      Shepherd's Lamb 8 years ago from Roseville, CA

      I'd be interested in knowing the hub you just read ~ would like to read it myself, Cedar Cove Farm. This is one of my "spouting off" hubs ~ and, I'm telling you ~ we can only give control over to God and wait to see what He's going to do. We can vote; we can shout; we can write; we can pray. We can rest assured, our Lord is coming back SOON...Hurry up, will You, LORD? His grace be upon us. God bless ~ SL

    • Cedar Cove Farm profile image

      Cedar Cove Farm 8 years ago from Southern Missouri

      Now I feel better. I just read a hub by someone else that disturbed me. I came here and I am glad that not all are floundering sheeple. Thanks.

    • Shepherd's Lamb profile image

      Shepherd's Lamb 8 years ago from Roseville, CA

      Hi Alie ~ boy, you've seen me spittin' nails before ~~ what a morning! How in the WORLD did we ever elect someone with such a cabinet of EVIL DOERS? Were we just kept in the dark until he got elected, and now it's all over the internet as to who he's surrounding himself with?! Talk about a "sheep" representing a corrupt government! Check out the latest hub by James Watkins! Breathe....O Lord, help your people through all this!!

    • AlieMarie profile image

      AlieMarie 8 years ago

      WOW, this writing was very powerful. And all so true!

    • Shepherd's Lamb profile image

      Shepherd's Lamb 8 years ago from Roseville, CA

      Thank you, no body. He tells us not to marvel when the wicked "prosper" ~ in which case would mean "grows and spreads" (kind of like cancer). I'm already in conversation with one who is yet another "antichrist" spirit ~ he says "they are billions" (in one man) ~ amazing...and right here on HubPages. The Devil writes on HubPages! WOW! lol ~~~ I know, don't marvel...thanks, brother. I'm looking forward to the miracles of God throughout these last days as we sit back and watch the show.

    • no body profile image

      Robert E Smith 8 years ago from Rochester, New York

      This is a moment before our Lord comes for us. In the last days bad will be good and good, bad. Joy is possible as Satan gets his way to set up his seven years of terror. The Lord will be our rear guard. He will make all for His glory. We, your family will pray for you to hold strong and thankful and giving glory to the Lord for all things. I love you sister.

    • Shepherd's Lamb profile image

      Shepherd's Lamb 8 years ago from Roseville, CA

      AMEN! OPEN MY EYES, LORD!!!! You know, maybe we are seeing God's judgment forming against America and this world, and we just HAVE TO REMEMBER we are not of this world, nor will be partake of His wrath. Oh, boy, when we see the enemy devour his own children...what a terror-ific realization!!! I just need to exhale.......

    • Vladimir Uhri profile image

      Vladimir Uhri 8 years ago from HubPages, FB

      You said it right. But open the eyes and will see armies of angels around. Vlad.


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