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Surviving A Global Depression – Preparing For Low, Medium & High Scenarios

Updated on January 25, 2009

Keep in mind that these worst possible case scenarios have a relatively tiny percentage possibility of ever occurring. This massive global depression may never come. Don’t worry yourself into an early grave over the prospect.

However, if you have been sufficiently convinced that this is serious and it’s real, then you will take some measure of precaution to help keep yourself and your loved ones safe from this modern global depression. Some may go overboard, but most of you will just take a tip here and there and apply them at your judgment.

You shouldn’t consider yourself (or me for that matter) an apocalyptic nutcase for preparing for this eventuality. People who have reasonable precautions ready will be far better equipped to survive and thrive through the depression. If the depression never happens, little is lost. You can always sell off or use your food stock and supplies.

That brings us down to the critical question: if you believe that one of these three severity scenarios will indeed unfold, what can you do right now to take precautions for your family?

Let’s analyze the steps that you can take today to prepare for these three scenarios. I’ll jump ahead a bit and advise you that the effective, practical and even remotely reasonable preparations for the High Severity scenario are next to nothing. The only truly effective precautions would be so draconian that most people couldn’t imagine implementing any of them. I’m listing them anyway but I doubt whether even I will be prepared to this degree. But I am preparing for the Low and to a certain degree even the Medium scenarios. You can bet that if the depression arrives, I’ll be as ready as I can be for it!

The Low Severity scenario

Dow Jones at 6,000

The cities may be the absolute worst place to ride out the depression, but unfortunately it will be impossible for the majority of urban dwellers to find a nice place in the isolated and fertile countryside to wait out the global economic convulsion. Unless you are quick off the mark, you will find that all the other urban dwellers who had the same idea have beaten you to it. The worst thing that can happen in this moving process is that you are left homeless with nowhere to stay in city or country so that should be avoided at all costs. Also keep in mind that all of this is strictly speculative since, depending on the progress of the depression, the government may set up provision networks to keep the populace from degenerating into violence and anarchy. However, I have very little faith in governments even during times of tranquil stability, and almost no faith in their abilities to adequately manage to keep their citizens healthy, fed, sheltered and protected during a worldwide economic crisis of this magnitude.

Therefore you should try to locate a sturdy, well-insulated country house, cottage or cabin where you can reside safely away from the urban cores which stand a good chance of exploding into looting and rioting. Law and order may swiftly deteriorate in a situation where thousands or even millions of people in a large city can't feed their families and decide to take what they can in any way they can.

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