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Surviving Nuclear Meltdown

Updated on September 21, 2013

With the recent catastrophe at Fukushima nuclear power plant Northeast of Tokyo, I felt it important to give advice and tips on surviving any "fallout" or radioactive particles that may reach your location.

Before I start this hub though, let me first say that my prayers and my heart is with you, the Japanese people. As a very young man, my family and I lived just outside Tokyo. The people of Japan have morals that many American people don't. Crime is very low in Japan. People trust other people. We need to help them as much as we possibly can. In the Japanese spirit, I wrote this Haiku:

An Island of People

A Land of Despair

Love From Afar Will Win

Crippled Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant
Crippled Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant | Source

Don't Believe All You Hear

First and foremost, realize that the Government and most media will downplay everything to do with this meltdown. The reason: mass chaos. It is protocol that no matter the severity, they will downplay it, but I won't.

It has been determined that radioactivity has shown up in the milk coming from cows in the State of Washington. If this is true, we have it floating above the whole United States.

It could be in our food supply, water supply and even on clothing and other items.

You will never be able to protect yourself completely, but the purpose of this hub is to at least give you the tips to make your odds much better of surviving.

Common Sense

Common sense is something that many people don't have.

Buying something from an import store? Is it from Japan? When was it made? When was it shipped? These are all pertinent questions.

I find myself staying in shelter during rain or snow. Why? Well, it is very simple; the radioactivity will hang in the air until precipitation carries it to Earth. As I said before, we cannot get away from it completely, But we can sure take every measure to make sure we are as safe as possible.

There are companies that make radioactive meters. If I were on the West coast at this time, I would have invested in one by now. I still may living here in the Midwest. They are not cheap, but you won't have that money anyway if you are dead from radioactive poison.

Potassium Iodide

At this time, every citizen of Japan should be taking prophylactic potassium iodide. I will put the recommended doses below.

It is my opinion that every household should have iodide at their disposal as it will fight the effects of radiation poisoning.

Potassium iodide should not be used just because you are paranoid. Make sure you know that there is radiation. Here are the doses:

• Adults : 130 mg (see below as well for CDC addendum) 

• Adolescents: 12-18: WHO -- adult dose; CDC -- child's dose; if adult size (150 pounds or over) they should take the full adult dose, regardless of their age.
• Children age 3-12 years: 65 mg

• Infants : 1 mo. to 3 years, 32. 25 mg (ie half tablet)
• Newborns to 1 mo., 1/4 capsule.

Most Importantly

We are all bound to die. Sometimes I believe we can be a little too cautious at times. Spend some more time with your spouse, your kids, your grand kids and all your other loved ones.

How's your relationship with God? Do you even have one?

You know, He sent His Son, His only Son, to be hung on a cross and die for us. If you give it all to Him, the idea of dying is not all that bad. I know there is glory after and I stand on that faith. It was my sins that drove the nails through Jesus' wrists. Only by grace and mercy can any of us have that peace. All you need to do is ask; ask from your inner being and know that He hears.

I pray for the men, women, and children of Japan. May God's mercy shine upon them.

I pray for those 50 men who have braved the radioactive waters to help save their fellow man. They are truly heroes!

Please God, we know that it is our carelessness and stupidity that has caused this catastrophe on the Earth you blessed us with. I pray a miracle; we know that You are a God of miracles and I ask You Father to cleanse the soil, air, and water in Japan and elsewhere that has been affected. In Jesus name, Amen.

© G.L. Boudonck

© 2011 Greg Boudonck


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    • Kristeen profile image


      7 years ago from Michigan

      Very good hub froggy and something that we should not ignore. I feel so bad for those people in Japan. I admire them because they aren't whining and crying and feeling sorry for themselves. They are moving forward, making the best of the situation and not looking back. They are a strong people. Blessings to you.

    • Granny's House profile image

      Granny's House 

      7 years ago from Older and Hopefully Wiser Time

      I too think surviving nuclear meltdown was a fantastic read.It makes you think and aware of what is going on.

      Thank you, Voted up

      inmates email is there. Maybe you could find out who they are from that

      peace Froggy

    • The Frog Prince profile image

      The Frog Prince 

      7 years ago from Arlington, TX

      Froggy - I think the user is a troll. Obviously it isn't a member of the forum or is a sock puppet (troll) of a member.

      Excellent post BTW. Voted up and useful

      The Frog Prince

    • schoolgirlforreal profile image


      7 years ago

      Hi froggy, I believe in conspiracies but as a person I wouldn't hide inside during the snow or rain. You're right about finding Jesus and I'm kind of glad we're in the end times of Apocalypse because of all the evil and we all need God! you heard of chemtrails and www.911mysteries?

      take care and God bless!

    • Froggy213 profile imageAUTHOR

      Greg Boudonck 

      7 years ago from Returned to an Isla Del Sol - Puerto Rico Will Rise Strong

      I must say, that I am starting to wonder if you are a troll.

      First, the information I passed along is readily available to all--I studied.

      Second, on the last part, I accepted Jesus in my heart and He told me through His Word to share that with others.

      So, do I know you inmate702?

    • profile image 

      7 years ago

      Excuse me for asking, but in what capacity do you give advice about such a matter? What are your credentials?


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