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Surviving Z-Day

Updated on May 15, 2016

Day 1 of Day Z

The first day of a zombie apocalypse is the hardest, because you're not used to the fear of being eaten alive, and your probably not used to caving a human's head in with a baseball bat.

In these days your main priority is making a base to defend yourself from zombies and saving as many of your loved ones as possible...

If you've ever watch a zombie movie like "Dawn of the Dead" or a TV show like "Fear the Walking Dead", you should know what you're up against on day 1...

The only problem is, the reality of a zombie apocalypse might be a lot worse than how we perceive them on the big screen.
Before we decide if surviving is an option, we have to understand a zombie.

How does the infection spread?

In zombie books, TV, and movies, they all have a common source of infection. If you become bitten or scratched by an infected zombie, your time is counting down...
This seems like a hard thing to survive, but now lets consider looking at some sides not shown on TV.

What if animals like birds were infected? It would take quite awhile to make a base with a fence blocking off zombies and birds....

What if mosquitoes had the Z-Virus in them and bit you on a hot, sunny day? Once again, the zombie situation seems to have gotten impossibly harder...

In a world where bugs, animals, and humans were infected, we'd either need a good plan or hope something changes for the better.

Zombie Mortality

In my last paragraph, I made Z-Day look like it was impossible to survive... However, if you were looking for some good news, here it is.

What kills a zombie?

We all know the only way to kill a zombie is destroying it's brain, but let's look at this a little more scientifically...
Why is the brain the only weakness?

In the shows it's because it's the only part of the body alive, it can also be because the infection is bonded with the brain so it appears that body shots or harmless, mostly because the infection makes them painless.

If you see the zombie outbreak as a virus, it would be impossible for a virus to make you completely immune to death... Unless you're literally a spawn of satin, even as an infected member, you're still a human being.

So what can kill them?

If you believe the zombie virus is nothing more than a virus, climate change...
If the zombie outbreak broke out in the Summer.... You just have to wait for a nice, cold winter.
The zombies would all die of hypothermia do to the fact they're wearing t-shirts in February all day and all night.
If the outbreak broke out in December, You just have to wait until July, all of the early zombies would die of heat stroke wearing several jackets, gloves, hats and scarfs in the middle of July.

Survival Tips

Now that I've shown you a realistic zombie apocalypse, I figured I'd help you out with some tips...

*You will always want guns for fighting people, but save the blades and bats for zombies.

*If a loved one is bit, but you're unsure if they'll change (Not everything is like TV), restrain your loved one and feed them in quarantine for a week... If they don't turn in a week, you may be safe.

*In The Walking Dead, survivors cover themselves in zombie guts to mask the smell of living so they blend in.... This method may actually work, if the zombies have a hormone in their blood telling others they are dead, rubbing guts on yourself would get that Zombie Hormone on you well enough to explore safely.... (I'd try this technique when there is very little danger)

*Found a good base for yourself and your crew, but don't want bandits to steal it?
Board up all the windows and spray paint something like: "Dead Inside" or "Too Many Z's" or "Enter at own Risk"... Other groups may pass your base, take a look at the messages and decide to walk farther for somewhere to rest.

Good Luck

After reading this article, I'm sure you're now aware a Z-Day can be much harder than the TV entertainment shows... However it's not completely hopeless, with the laws of life in place there is always a chance of survival.

I hope we never have to see Z-Day, but if we do, remember this article and Good Luck.

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