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Surviving in the New Economy! How To Succeed In A Recession.

Updated on August 18, 2010

You Need To Provide for Your Family!!

With the economic realities of our time it can seem to be an almost insurmountable hurdle to provide for the needs of your family. Your choices of employment are almost nil and you are becoming more distraught with each passing day. If this describes your situation I am writing this in the hopes to give you a few ideas that might make life a little easier and more enjoyable.

I know that finding a full time job today is a very difficult task. Do not rely on classified ads as many companies have no need to place classifieds. The current employees of the company know many people looking for work and usually refer their friends and families long before the need for an ad.

What I am suggesting is thinking outside the box. Full Time work may not be available but it might be possible that many businesses could use extra workers occasionally. You need to ask, You need to be aggressive. You need to show a desire to work and provide for your family.

It could be that your local pizza shop owner for example would be willing to pay someone to come in and help clean up the place once in awhile. You need to be the first person they think of when they need an extra hand.

Look around your neighborhood at all the small businesses, go in and ask "Is there anything I could do around here to help you in any way". Be available leave your phone number be pleasant you will find work. It might not be steady, it might not be fun, but it will be work and it will provide you with some income.


You Must Be Willing To Work

Check each and every business with an open mind. If you notice a lot of trash on their property outside offer to clean it for a few dollars. Think, be innovative, maybe if you help the restaurant get ready for service they would give you meals for your family.

Pride may make it difficult to behave in this manner but I will tell you that at no time is providing for your family anything but a prideful act. Survival should be the most important part of your thought patterns.

Another thing to consider is the families that still have two parents employed may need help with their children or even maintaining their lawn and property. Pulling the trash cans to the street once a week may be something that someone would be willing to pay to avoid. Dog walking, anything that someone does not particularly like to do might be the same thing they would be willing to pay you to do.

To sum it up, opportunity is not always the easiest thing to see, it must be searched for with the belief that it will be found. Never give up, always try to spot an opportunity offer to unload trucks, sweep floors, you must be willing to do anything to make sure that your family can live in some kind of semblance of normality.


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    • Arthur Fontes profile image

      Arthur Fontes 8 years ago from Fall River,MA

      This is exactly how I found my current job which turned into a full time position.

    • Presigo profile image

      Presigo 8 years ago from Spokane, Wa

      Sound advice, we know not when good jobs will be available again. It is prudent to use foresight and avert future problems.