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Susan Hedman - A Deadly Woman

Updated on March 8, 2016

Dr. Susan Hedman was the person responsible for the environmental protection in Region 5 in Michigan; Flint is one of the cities which fell under her responsibilities. She failed to perform the duties for which she was appointed; she failed in a very big, disappointing and devilish way.

Nobody is perfect. Ironically, Susan Hedman looks perfect on the outside but she is as deadly as a Cobra. Susan didn't fail due to incompetence; in fact, one would argue that she was very a very successful individual. She was appointed by Obama to that post in 2010.

Dr. Susan Hedman, with FULL knowledge of the water problem in Flint, re-assigned (READ <<get rid off>>) the people who raised concerns about the water and hid the information for two years.

Not even the Devil can be that cruel.

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