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Sustainability and an Imbalanced System

Updated on June 19, 2014

Nonrenewable resources such as fossil fuels are being extinguished and yes perhaps we face a future without oil and the likes. Today we hope our technological innovations will be our saving grace when that day finally arrives. We have become a society who consumes and produces excessively while leaving those impoverished and hungry to remain in such conditions. This excessiveness has depilated our resources and perhaps helped us reach our system’s (earth's) carrying capacity.

How do we fix this? How do we deal with and prepare for the day our nonrenewable resources are finally depilated? How do we end our excessive consumption and production? How do we create a sustainable environment? Why don't the impoverished and hungry benefit from our excessive production?

It is great to read information that indicates poverty levels and starvation are becoming less and less. Perhaps, this signifies progress, but, it also signifies that potentially more people are living excessive lives and thus increasing the excessive use of nonrenewable resources. Our human system is unbalanced. We do not share nor do we really respect and value our neighbors. Instead, we enter wars to secure our access to oil, enter other countries to exploit their resources be it workers or the environment, and we do not full heartedly value community programs that help one another save energy, for example.

Since our human system is imbalanced the system (earth) which gives us life is unbalanced. If we can create economies and conditions that lower the poverty and starvation levels why can’t we balance our human system, cycle? It seems we educate people to become contributors to our system which is wonderful but we don’t teach them about our excessive consumption and production. Most likely, at this moment, people would love to continue on with life within the same picture, (an excessive culture) that is why they only hope or believe technological innovations will be our saving grace. Yes, innovation will be a big component of a sustainable future but we must not forget the picture, our culture, must change. Innovation alone can only accomplish so much.


Do you believe the culture of excessiveness can be changed into a more sustainable culture?

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