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Swedish doctor kidnaps woman and holds her captive in homemade torture chamber

Updated on January 22, 2016

According to an article released by the New York Post, a Swedish unnamed doctor is accused of kidnapping and torturing a woman who also remains unnamed at this time. He is accused of holding her captive in a homemade torture chamber built underground. The charges include allegations of drugging the woman by feeding her drug laced strawberries, holding the woman hostage for a week, sexually assaulting her, and torturing her. It has been reported that the man charged admits to kidnapping and drugging the woman but does not admit to sexually assaulting her.

The hidden torture chamber was said to have been built during the last five years and it is unknown if the woman is the first victim. Reports do however claim the doctor had plans to obtain more victims. The homemade torture chamber was built underneath the farm where the doctor resided as reported by a Swedish newspaper.

Neighbors were in shock after learning of the incident. They were aware of the construction but never had any indications of what the use of the newly constructed area was to be intended for. One neighbor had this to say about the allegations,

“He had just built it when I was there. But the only thing he showed was outside. We wondered what it looked like on the inside, but he just said it does not matter because it is empty inside.”

Skynews was able to provide a detailed list of evidence including pictures of the crime scene. There was masks found to be believed to used during the assault and stems of the strawberries are being tested to confirm what type of drug they were allegedly laced with. On the sixth day of the woman being held captive the doctor reportedly took her to the police station after coming to the realization that the authorities were searching for her. The woman then received medical attention and police were able to arrest the doctor later that day.

Like all criminal cases those charged are to be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The investigation is still on-going at this time.


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