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Swedish enacting old 'Cold War' policy

Updated on February 9, 2017
Putin - a threat
Putin - a threat | Source
Symbol of Swedish military
Symbol of Swedish military | Source

Sweden has been beefing up its military spending in the wake of 2014 when Sweden had a large naval patrol looking for Russian subs entering its territorial waters. Russia it seems has been testing Sweden's defence preparedness with naval vessels and planes entering Sweden's air space and territorial waters.

Sweden it seems is returning to a policy it had during the 'Cold War' called TDF or Total Defence Strategy. The policy uses civilian, economic as well as military ways to combat any external threat.

Russia's policy it seems has been to test Western countries in how they respond to Russia's military incursions into their territorial waters and air space. NATO and other countries are worried by Trump saying he wants to be closer to Putin and that he admires him although he said to May he still supports NATO.

Sweden has called Russia the biggest threat to its security with Russia launching cyber attacks as it has on other nations. Sweden in enacting this policy is seemingly on a war footing ordering its municipalities to follow the Total Defence Policy.

Certainly nations in Scandinavia and especially Finland share a common border with Russia as do the Baltic nations and with a resurgent Russia these areas as well as eastern Europe will be flash points.

Ships of the Swedish Navy
Ships of the Swedish Navy | Source

Sweden and NATO

1) Sweden co - operates with NATO in common areas of defence

2) Though not a member of NATO Sweden has fought along side NATO in places like Afghanistan

3) Sweden considering joining NATO

4) Sweden not only works alongside NATO but trains NATO countries forces too

5) In line with a more aggressive Russia especially in the Baltic Sea NATO co - operating more with Sweden and Finland


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