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Swine flu vaccine shot Enforcement

Updated on February 6, 2010

Saturday- 02-06-2010

I saw a youtube video of a  woman who says she has information about being given a choice of taking a vaccine or going to a concentration camp for quarentine.She seems to be involved with homland security,or some such agency.She doesn't say specifically in the video,but gives the viewer the distinct impression that's the case.

I've tried to view the whole video more than once.In fact there is another url for the exact same video which I was still unable to view.Then I saw yet a third video made by "project Camelot" of the same woman ,this time I was able to see it all without it stopping after a third time of trying.

What is going on with these youtube videos?

Apparently if she was a member of some police force of some kind,it makes sense that if her superiors saw the video,they would try to stop it from being broadcast.

In the last video from project camelot ,she does mention something about the oath she took.She said her oath was to God,rather to some government agency,in the name of God.

I remember ,in the bible we are warned never to take an oath for anything.

First of all,If,you are expected to take an oath without knowing beforehand what the oath are at a pyschological disadvantage.You are being told what to do,with the expectation of doing it without thinking about what comes out of your mouth.

So,all people who are asked to take an oath without knowing beforehand what that oath is,usually take it without a second thought.and those that do understand what their oath implies,and accept it willingly,are prone to control others,even in their personal lives.

It's no wonder many who are in positions of power are usually control freaks

There are many other videos that were posted on youtube,some even from the main stream media concerning the swine flu vaccinations.They were posted months ago,and I haven't heard anything from the mainstream media about them lately.

In one video they say ,people would be charged a fine and jail time if they refused to get this combination flushot and R.F.I.D CHIP HANDCUFF,or BRACELET that is intended to be a permenent part of your body,even being attached with a pin of some kind. 



youtube comment -09-17-09



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    • A M Werner profile image

      Allen Werner 7 years ago from West Allis

      Well, the government is selling the people of these United States a brand of fear that makes them think the more the government knows, the better it can protect you. Sadly, all it will do is make it easier for them to pursue the lawful for every red light they run, or tax the dime they find on the ground. A taskmasters job is to get the most work out of a worker so profits go up. The closer they can monitor us in our every day lives, the more they can judge if we are being useful or wasteful, naughty or nice. For every legality, there is crack to slip in - and the only ones whoever slip in them are the real criminals. The rest just get more bars on their windows, more audits to answer too, more checkpoints to stop at, more questions to answer, and more papers to carry. Selling freedom for security - what a truly faithless people we are. Peace.