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Why I like Trump as a Hillary supporter.

Updated on November 13, 2016

A Forgotten People

Deep in the industrial rust piles of America lie a hidden and forgotten people that once held consistent, high-paying factory jobs, but were soon swept under the rug by a new globalized age. Once claimed to be the cornerstone of the American dream for a family and a quiet suburban life, this group of people has been neglected and left to fend for themselves. They are the people of the rust belt.

Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio in the past stood as symbols of American productivity and industry. They gave birth to the Carnegie Steel Company, Ford, General Motors and almost every other example of American heavy industry.

Ever since railroads first crossed the Rocky Mountains the mid-west has been providing products for the "more acutely educated" and the "more finely civilized" east coast. It has remained to this day a stronghold of hardworking down to earth Americans.

In the past, the rust belt has been a sure bet for democrats who have mostly easily swept the Midwest in recent presidential elections, but this year everything changed. Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania in contrast to all indicators decided to hop on the Trump train pushing him to victory.

On the Brightside

I am a Hillary supporter. Not a die hard supporter, but a supporter nevertheless. I don't like her policies or her character particularly, but I am willing to overlook many of her flaws, because she seems to be the logical and safe choice. She has been in politics for a long time and is indisputably the more experienced candidate. On paper, this should have been an easy election for her against a self-proclaimed p***y grabber and a reality TV show host.

But...Trump won. Trump took states that as a country we could never have imagined him taking. He took America by surprise and now people think the world is going to end, but even as a Hillary supporter part of me is glad he won.

To understand this you have to understand who swung the election towards Trump. It wasn't the rich and wealthy or even the professional middle class, it was the lower and lower-middle classes that gave the election to Trump. The forgotten people I discussed earlier gave the presidency to Trump, and after a few days of waiting for the shock to die off I am now content with the results.

I am offended by many of things Trump says and the way he gets into twitter wars late at night like a discontented rapper, and yet he has unmistakably reminded us of the forgotten people. He took a people that have long been stuck in a rust bowl, and brought them out into the public eye. For that I am very thankful. I believe that all Americans deserve happiness and comfort in their lives regardless of background or education level. No Americans deserve to be left behind. Although I am wholeheartedly against racism and misogyny, I have come to believe that Trump may truly have been the right choice for America. The blue-collar workers of America deserve consideration just like any other group, and from this point forward they will no longer be forgotten by mainstream politicians and the media thanks to Donald Trump.


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