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Syria Ad Nauseum

Updated on September 6, 2013

Will Obama Attack Regardless of what Congress Votes?

For over two years, Syria has been on the world's front page. Nobody outside of the country, except for Iran, maybe Russia, are willing to get involved. Yes, many countries give the dilemma plenty of mouth service and empathy, but all are afraid to get involved. Sort of reminds me of a fight in a street and no one intervenes as one party is getting the shit kicked out of them, yet, people hurriedly go by or take a video, as the person yells for help.

For two years, the Syrian people have been yelling help to NATO countries. Assad smirks because he got away with crossing "America's Red Line" or is it Obama's ? When it comes to acting, even the great power is hesitating, going to Congress for approval, which probably will not come because Americans don't give a hoot about Syria, not really. They provide a lot of mouth service and empathy like others of the world, but even sending missiles to challenge Assad seems to scare them. Christ!

So, China sends in 1000 marines aboard a ship to Syria, Russian now has six warships to counter America's five. Russia threatens to sell Iran sophisticated weapons to Iran to help them, Iran will declare an undeclared war on the USA should missiles hit their partner. They plan to have terrorist groups inside Iraq cause mayhem there. Iran would love to topple or control Iraq's newborn government. Congress continues to want a plan from A to Z, but the reality is, the plan is ad hoc, which is fine, because it will depend on what the Russian, Chinese, Iranian, Hezbollah and Assad does, if anything. Israel has bombed Syria 4-5 times this year, Assad has not reacted, he knows better.

Now, what happens if the US Congress votes No about sending missiles to punish Assad? I think Obama will use them anyway because otherwise, it will look very bad for him and America. Obama did ask for the opinions of Americans and of Congress. He could have already attacked without Congress' opinion vote, but chose otherwise. He would like to have their approval but if they fail to give it, the missiles will fly anyway. Too much is at stake for him personally and for America's role in the world. Even local US Embassy's are evacuating in Lebanon, SE Turkey.

Of course, if the Congress does vote No and Obama tells the world , "No can do", our status will be seriously damaged in the world. It will send a signal to others America cannot take decisive action unilaterally. While Americans sigh with relief, there will be another time when an international crisis occurs demanding military options. That will probably involve Iran, Syria or the Middle East again. This situation in the Middle East will be a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation for years to come. We are in the End Times, this is where the world's focus is. Get use to it. This event could make America's stature in the world, as a leading nation, collapse. That would pave the way for a new world leader.

America will have to go down this road once again and again and again.


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