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Syria Forces: Have They Really Moved Chemical Weapons

Updated on July 17, 2012

Has The Regime Really Moved Chemical Weapons

There have been news reports all over the place claiming that the Syria forces have moved chemical weapons and those forces could possibly use them against rebel forces who are trying to overthrow the Assad government. However one has to ask the question, has the Syrian government really started to move chemical weapons? Are they possibly ready to use them if they deem it necessary?

Why Should The World Question If The Syrian Government Has Moved Chemical Weapons

This is an easy question to answer. Does anybody remember what happen when the United States invaded Iraq? The government talked about weapons of mass destruction this and weapons of mass destruction that, and even to this day a lot people doubt that the Hussein regime had weapons of mass destruction. So how can the world be 100% sure that the Assad regime has moved chemical weapons and is prepared to use them?

Where Is The Proof

Is there any proof that the Assad regime has moved chemical weapons? Have there been a lot of people in Syria talking about it? Or are there any photos of the chemical weapons being moved from one location to the next location? It seems like there is a huge amount of information that many news outlets are giving out and trying to figure out what is true and what is exaggerated is a little difficult in this case.

When Will The Conflict In Syria End

Sadly if it is true that the Assad regime does and has moved chemical weapons and are prepared to use them, then the conflict may come to end or a halt if the regime used chemical weapons. The conflict in Syria has been going on for quite some time now and the end seems like it is coming closer and closer but only time will tell.

The real victims in the whole conflict are the innocent residents in Syria who are just trying to live their lives and want nothing to do with the fighting that is taking place in the country.

Your Thoughts And Opinions

What are your thoughts and opinions on the conflict that is taking place in Syria? Do you think the conflict is going to end soon? Do you believe that the Syria government has moved chemical weapons just in case they want to use them?

Leave a comment and share your feelings on the Syria situation.

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