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Syria Gates Top Secret Leaked Files

Updated on July 5, 2012
Child rebel fighter
Child rebel fighter

Wikileaks did it again

Wiki Leaks released top secret information about Syria Gates emails covering concerns of the nation. It released leaked files of 2.5 million emails. They focus on Syria President Bashar al-Assad, and communications with their top ministries and companies. The conversations take place of a span of nearly 6 years, from August of 2006 to March of 2012. Wikileaks say the leaked files are 8 times larger in size that the U.S Cable Gate files.

The top secret information will be released over the span of the next few weeks. The information was released in the morning of July 5, 2012. Wikileaks say the information within is embarrassing not only to Syria, but to their opponents as well. It contains bank transfers between Syria and other nations. NBC got ahold of information concerning an international communications company based in Genoa, Italy named Selex and its Tetra technology sale to Syria. Wikileaks believe this technology can be used by Syria Gates police force to keep better tabs on militant activities.

The purpose of the leaked files is to serve as notice on how western companies say one thing but do another. These top secret releases also give insight on the inner working of the Syrian government and its economy. Wikileaks is having a hard time. International credit card companies are blocking their accounts and the United States grand jury is investigating them. They have no plans of going mainstream with leaked files of any nation.

syria gates leaked files
syria gates leaked files

Children fighting on rebel frontlines

Syrian rebel fighters are doing battle with Crac des Chevaliers, a medieval castle with ties to the Crusader times. Desperation is kicking in and they are recruiting teenagers to do battle with them to keep hold of the fortress. The Free Syrian army has been recruiting children for majority of medical positions and other service oriented jobs, but still on the front line. The image of the teenage boy be comforted by a fellow rebel is an image capture from the AFP TV show.

The Syrian army have tortured and killed children. They also have used them as human shields in a cowardly attempt to spare their own lives. Kids as young as eight years old have been beaten, burned with cigarettes, subjected to sexual violence, and much more. Military members have been ordered to shoot without distinction into crowds where a large number of children were present. Electric shock experiments were done on these kids as well. The most recent massacre in Houla resulted in the death of 32 children.


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    • Amethystraven profile image

      Amethystraven 5 years ago from California

      Thank you for posting. People need to know what's going on in the world and where their tax dollars are going. Things are traded between countries to fuel wars for profit, not for the freedom of people lately. I don't agree with genocide of any kind, but I do believe in fighting for ones freedom. I do not agree with war for profit.