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Syria Humanitarian Crisis

Updated on December 6, 2016

Syrian War Crisis

According to UNO latest estimates more than four hundred thousand people have lost their lives during last two years Syrian conflict. Due to heavy use of air power scale of destruction is very high and several areas, large buildings have changed in to rubbles. Ten thousand women and children are also lost their lives due to heavy fighting in urban area.

Due to fierce gun battle and use of heavy weapons three million people most of them are women and children forced to leave their homes and migrated to neighboring countries Jordon, Turkey and Lebanon. Large number of people are living in refugee camps without any necessities of lives.

Geography of Syria

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Reconstructions cost of Syria

UNO need six billion dollars for reconstruction and rehabilitation of migrated people. According to UNESEF due to lack of food and unclean water children are facing worst. UNO confirmed that some chemical weapons are also used in Syrian conflict.

Several people including women and children lost their lives when they targeted by Sarin gas which is form of chemical weapons. Due to intensified battle women and children are still besieged in some area and living in miserable conditions. Due to heavy fighting several food storage have destroyed, Hospitals are running without doctors and due to lack of medicine supplies people are facing bad to worse.

Save Syria : A Call for Humanity

Syria War and UNO

Due to miserable role of UNO and world powers Syrian conflicts is spreading out side Syrian border. Due to division in UNO security council UNO is still not able to create no fly zone inside Syria and prepare safe way for women and children.

Everyone is paying a high price. Turkey, Jordon and Lebanon are worst affected. Jordon is hosting 2.5 million Syrian hostages half equal to its own population. Lebanon is facing internal division between pro and rival Asad groups several people have lost their lives due to heavy fighting inside Lebanon several residential areas are also targeted and women and children are also worst affected.

Syria war and world silence

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Syrian conflict and Neighboring Countries

Due to wide division in world security and big powers Syrian crises is far to solved. On Syrian issue world community has divided in pro US and pro Russian groups. Russia has blocked all Security council resolution against president Basharul Asad and supplying sophisticated weapons and financial support to Bashar regime.

Despite killing of large number of people no one is brought to justice which is very unfortunate. Regional countries like Turkey and Iran are also saving only their own interest and promoting their own agenda and group in war affected Syria.

Syria Chemical Weapons

Chemical weapons are widely used in Syrian conflict. Both government and opposition fighters accused each other of using chemical weapons in different parts of Syria. Independent sources and human rights organizations also confirmed that chemical weapons were used in Syrian on several occasions. Asad government used Sarin gas against several militants contralto areas.

Due to chemical attacks several people including women and minor children also lost their lives in different part of Syria. After world criticism Basahar Al Asad government had agreed to waste all stock of its chemical weapons. United Nations weapons inspectors visited several places in Syria to inspect and find our Syrian chemical facilities. Now western countries and UNO are trying hard to waste all chemical weapons with the help of experts of different countries.

Syrian Migrants

Due to war in Syrian more than eleven million Syrians are migrated to other countries. Syrian migrant crisis has become big tragedy these days. Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan are hosting large number of Syrian refugees. Thousands of Syrian migrants are crossing dangerous Mediterranean sea using small boats every day to reach Europe. Several migrants including women and children have lost their lives while their boats sank in Mediterranean. Due to large number of migrants EU countries have failed to accommodate these people and prepare joint strategy to deal with worst migrant crisis of history after world war two.

War Destruction in Syria


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