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Syria – The Next Vietnam

Updated on April 7, 2017

Political Editorial

Hindsight is always twenty/twenty unless you just don’t care. In 1964 Vietnam was filled with Advisors who were gradually doing more and more of the fighting. That year we began a bombing campaign against the North, in retaliation to an attack on two of our ships in the Gulf of Tonkin and by years end we were fully engulfed in the war with over 21,000 ground troops.

Say what you will about who were fighting in Southeast Asia, but in my book we were fighting Chinese gorillas. And not only them but mercenary soldiers from other Asian countries loyal to the communist Chinese. But, that’s not all. We are were also fighting ourselves. Politics impeded our military progress from advancing and concurring the North.

Politicians who were afraid of losing votes, sided with the Liberal anti-war rioters and cast their votes to further restrict our involvement and added to the, Rules of Engagement, thus tying the soldier’s hands, while bullets flew. In comparison, it would be like you trying to tie your shoes while wearing boxing gloves. You might hold the strings but it would be nearly impossible to tie the shoe.

Today, or last night by now, President Trump sent Tomahawk missiles into Syria in retaliation for Syria’s alleged chemical attack on civilians.

President Obama sent advisers into Syria before he left along with ground troops to battle ISIS. Those troops could easily be diverted into an all-out war with Syria who is backed by Russia.

Some have shouted WWIII is in the works, Nuclear War, or the inevitable clash between the two biggest guys on the block is about to take place. All those scenarios are possible, but nuclear war is probably not on the table despite what Trump says. Even he is not foolish enough to use a nuclear weapon. Is he? For the sake of the world I hope not.

Bashar al-Assad

Bashar al-Assad is a cruel dictator ruling a country that for years has seen religious sects destroy each other. He used tactics that we in the civilized world find cruel. Same goes with Sadie Arabia, Iraq or any Middle East country whose population are Islamic, which would be the majority of them. It is a different world from Christian Main Street USA. They are Islamic and play by a totally different set of rules.

By removing Saddam Hussein from power we created a void of control where the various religious forces began vying for power. Some say it was democracy in action.

It is not democracy if the losing side is killed in mass or banished by prejudice. It is not democracy if the loser lose rights. It is not democracy if religious racism prevails over a citizens rights to live in peace or even exist.

If we are going to remove such rulers then we need to be prepared for the outcome. We need to be ready to step in and maybe take a harder stance than we have in the past.

On The Home Front

As Americans we mostly fight prejudice that involves the color of our skin. Religious bigotry has gone on for years, but was locally isolated until recently. Now it has become more prevalent. Antisemitism in a St. Louis Jewish cemetery where tomb stones were toppled over. Bomb threats to Jewish schools and businesses.

Threats to Muslim businesses and their schools are on the increase as well. Voluntary segregated neighborhoods in Florida and Minnesota by Muslims are on the increase. They do this to protect themselves from the growing hatred of their religion.

War, bombs bursting in air, glory be. What we destroy over there won’t solve what’s happening here or will it? If we take a stand there, unlike what the world saw us do for the past eight years, will it show the world that we aren’t a push over to Putin? Will it show we haven’t rolled over with Putin scratching Washington’s belly?

But alas, like 1964, I see us becoming more wrapped up in war, that if we fail to win, will give Putin more power and influence than he ever had before.


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