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Syria Uses Gas Grenades in Battle for Homs

Updated on December 31, 2012
Iranian soldier firing a gas grenade
Iranian soldier firing a gas grenade
In Homs
In Homs

The peace efforts of the Arabs to get Assad to leave Syria have failed. The Russian foreign minister stated that President Assad will not leave Syria, which put an end to further attempts to persuade him. Instead, Assad has ordered his soldiers fighting in Homs during the Dec.22nd-23rd battle to use gas grenades. These grenades contain a lung irritant that paralyzes the victim. Death is not always the outcome, at least not death by the gas. These gas grenades were especially developed by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps for use against the masses, which demonstrated against the 2009 presidential elections. The grenades have now been distributed to pro-Assad Shabiha militias.

According Syria, the rebel forces caused Assad to bring out the gas grenades when the Syrian Presidential Guard reported that seven of its men had died in battle near Damascus as a result of a weapon used by the rebels which “produced a yellow toxic gas.”

More and more, Assad is relying Iranian intervention to help him. There are many Iranian special forces there, Iranian Fateh missiles have arrived for Syria to use, all because Iran will lose a valuable ally should Assad collapse. As things draw down, it seems the use of gas grenades may lead to something much worse,


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