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Syria Uses Iranian Fateh-A 110 Missiles

Updated on December 29, 2012

While Syria has been using the Russian made Scud missiles, which are accurate to within a mile of its target, Iran, hating to see Syria collapse, has been supplying them with a much more accurate Fateh A missile. The missiles have already been used on the rebels in Homs and Aleppo. These missiles are much more accurate to within a few hundred yards of the assigned target. While the Fateh has a shorter range, they are capable of carrying chemical weapons and with high accuracy could reduce casualties of ordinary citizens. Iran sent the portable missiles along with Iranian crews who fire the weapons and control them. Of course, Iran could decide to use them against Assad if they felt he was on verge of collapse.

Russia and Iran also are more allied than ever when it comes to Syria, even though Russia wants to give the appearance of the opposite. They are playing for a winner, whether it is Assad or not. In the past two weeks both Russia and Iranian naval exercises have taken place jointly to send a unified message to the West.

There is no telling how the Syrian civil war will end.


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