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Syria - the latest Cold War Epicenter

Updated on February 29, 2012

What Do We Do?

With Russia and China vetoing UN resolutions to stop the Assad government's assault on its own people, we have an old fashioned Cold War showdown. China is repeating what it did just 5 years ago in Darfur as it had commercial interests in Sudanese oil. It wants Iranian oil so it can feed its massive economic machine. Russia needs Iranian oil to power its economic engine and will trade technology for it. Neither care about the Syrian people and even less about UN resolutions.

With the US the only power that can save the Syrian population in Homs from destruction, what is the appropriate move to make? If we stand by, thousands more will likely die. If we use the same strategy we used against Khaddafi in Libya, we obviate the UN and its member states as futile but save a population facing certain death.

Will the Arab states will fill the weaponry void by supplying needed arms to the Syrian rebel forces that would avoid Obama having to make a decision on the matter? That would salve the Republican right but also show him to be weak in his decision-making. It would also damage Arab-US relations. The smarter move seems to be to send in the drones and have the CIA arm the Syrian rebels. It would return the world to a semi-Cold War state but would save thousands of lives at the same time. Not a bad trade-off.

So what will Barack do in this situation? I suggest following the Libyan example and using drones to do the dirty work. It provides air support to the rebels, moral support to their cause and saves American lives at the same time. It also puts us in good stead with the Arab World which can only assist in reducing the power Al Quaeda has in the region. These are wins all around in my book.


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