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Syrian Barrel Bombs for Aleppo

Updated on December 24, 2013

The green light for President Assad and his Syrian Army began when Obama backed away from his own self-imposed red line that Was crossed by Syria for chemical weapons. Since that time, the Assad forces are gaining strength and audacity. Since that time, Obama has furthered distanced the USA from the Free Syrian Army rebels by stopping all previous support.

The rebels seemed to be doomed. Some of this is self imposed. They could never unify and the threat of terrorist organizations within simply made it too risky for the world to support. Now, Assad knows he has the green light to demolish and crush the opposition forces without fear of outside intervention.

Aleppo was the first major city the rebels seized from Assad in the Summer of 2012. Since that time, they have held it and were able to repel Assad. Today, his forces are knocking on the door. The rebels are short of ammo and weapons as the world looks away-this is much like what happened in the Spanish Civil War from 1936-39. Then, both Germany and Russia supported opposite sides with weapons, training and money.

In the week before xmas 2013, Assad unleashed a devastating deluge of aircraft and helicopters on the city. Their weapon of choice is the barrel bomb filled with shrapnel killing 400 innocent inhabitants. Each helicopter can carry 25 such bombs with explosives, which can fly high to avoid rebel fire. There is no targeting, per se, they just drop them. They fall. They kill 15-20 per bomb. Aircraft do the same for the past week.

Assad is facing the Geneva peace talks. The US still wants for him to give up power, yet, is not willing to assist the rebels in throwing him out. In effect, they support Assad because between the choices there, he appears the more predictable.

Assad's forces are slowly taking over Aleppo again and when the peace talks start, it will be a joke. Assad is not going to relinquish power. He is winning because America did not act.


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