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Syrian and Iranian Intrigue Stirs the Middle East

Updated on June 11, 2011

The pot is being stirred. The docile situation with the Syrian uprising, Iran succeeding in creating four nuclear bombs, Syrian and Turkish military forces exchanging fire near the border, Turkish forces entering Syria to protect fleeing civilians and Israel, just being there, could ignite the region into an undeclared war,

On June 10, Turkey, citing the UN mandate used in Libya, decided to move its army into northern Syria where battles were blazing in Idlib, Maarat al-Numaan and Jisr al-Shuhour. The Turkish forces entered Syria to protect the 4000 Syrian civilians trying to escape the Syrian killings of those opposing Assad. In Iran, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad delivered his most uncompromising statement yet on Iran's nuclear program, calling it "a train with no brakes or reverse gear." Indeed. Much of the uranium grade material has now been moved to near Qom, a facility deep inside a mountain and hard to attack with bunker buster bombs. The move will speed up the processing of weapon grade uranium for more than just four nukes. Remember Syrians along the Israeli border on June 5th? These were paid pro-Assad Syrians. The few hundred willing to turn out : $1,000 for every demonstrator who cut a piece of razor wire from the Israeli border fence and $10,000 for the families of volunteers shot by Israeli troops before they reached their goal. Israeli patience was being stretched by the luring Syrians. Wars have started like this in history.

Along the Turkish-Syrian border on June 6th, tank battles raged near the border town of Jisr al-Shughour. Turkey is a key NATO member and if the skirmishes increase, you can be sure Turkey will have the full support of the other members. Turkey's own design may include the Kurdish region of northern Syria near its main town, Qamishli. This may allow them to create a buffer. The Kurds have been a thorn in Turkey's side for a long time.

Iran has also announced that at least two 1000 ton submarines capable of firing missiles have left Iran for Syria. Meanwhile, Germany has agreed to speed up the building and moving of two Dolphin nuclear subs for Israel, which will increase their fleet to five nuclear subs with that capacity. Way back on Feb. 26, Moscow agreed to sell Syria advanced Yakhont SS-N-26 sea missiles. Every Israeli effort, backed by Washington, to discourage the Russians from letting Syria have those weapons was rebuffed. The arrival of the Iranian subs will coincide with the Russian missile shipment sometime in the coming weeks.

The flashpoint of war is there. It could ignite at any time, or, the dark forces are gathering until it is all in place before unleashing its plan. The flashpoint could prematurely ignite it all drawing in far off nations into Middle East.


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