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Syria's Chemical Weapons in Danger

Updated on February 23, 2012

As in Libya, but on a much larger scale, is the issue of Syria's cast chemical weapons stored in various places around the country. When Libya fell, the US spent $40 million to make sure that most of their small chemical weapons and missiles caches were disabled or under guard. Syria is a much more dangerous situation since the allied nations and arab nations timid to get involved at the carnage being tossed on the civilians there.

The fear, as before, is that nefarious groups currently disguised as freedom seekers with the Free Syrian Army, are actually al-Qaeda (known to be there and involved in recent bombings) and Hezbollah, Iran's proxy in Lebanon, may be able to obtain small amounts. The facilities are so so defended by the Syrian Army, yet, what happens if others of the army defect or allow (for money) small amounts of the gas shells to vanish? What happens if the Syrian regime does collapse, then like in Libya, it is a free for all as they are looted. What happens if Assad does use them in desperation? Syria possesses Scud missiles that could be employed to carry chemical weapons into neighboring countries. The US is using satellites and other technology to try to keep track of Syria’s weapons sites and to watch for any signs of weakened security.

Syria possesses Tabun, VX, Sarin and Mustard Gas. They are spread out among six sites including at Homs and Hama, scenes of horrible artillery barrages. Biological weapons are stores at Cerin. if the US were to seize them, some 75,000 troops might be needed. They would only be used if the "nightmare" scenario occurs, meaning that the country simply falls apart in a civil war and Assad's army defects or uses them against Assad's wishes.

Stay tuned as this event unravels.


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