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Updated on November 26, 2011

The day of reckoning is coming.

The new Obama healthcare law is getting a lot of beating lately by the candidates running in the Republican Party nomination race.

Why? Because, they say it is costly, it is unpopular, and it is the wrong type of system that people want.

However, if it is that obnoxious, why are people not out there protesting against it? Or is it sheer propaganda by these politicians to bamboozle the public, and so to discredit President Barack Obama?

The healthcare industry has been dysfunctional for ages, and people were losing their policies for any reason at all that suited the private healthcare insurance providers. Premiums were skyrocketing, and those who had preexisting conditions were turned away from healthcare facilities, or were being evicted from hospital beds.

In a nutshell, the situation was pretty awful, and it called for a reform; hence, the Obama administration took action to overhaul it.

It has now added more than 30 million uninsured people to the program. Those who could not even go to the ER for any type of care, most of whom were poor families and the elderly.

Should these people go back to "the status quo"? Certainly not.

Those politicians who were threatening to repeal the new Obama administration healthcare law did not know what they were talking about. There would be millions of people out in the streets, it would make Occupy Wall Street to look like a picnic.

They had every reason to warn Romney, Bachmann and Cain that if they were happy with their stainless steel or titanium back and cancer remission, and were free from the effects of a motor accident in a foreign land, they must not dare to play with what they were calling "Obamacare".

The healthcare industry was broken by the same insurance companies that were making political campaign contributions to those candidates, for them to say that they would repeal the new law, if they had the chance.

Well, they would not have the chance, if those who were benefiting from it (Obamacare) could help it; and there were millions of them.

Take heed, candidates.


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    • stacyvale profile image

      Stacy Vale Karron 6 years ago from Fort Lauderdale. Florida

      I was a Medical Technician in the late 80's when private insurance was golden. The problem started prior to that when physicians were billing insurance companies for procedures they weren't performinging or overcharging for procedures they did. Back in the day, insurance carriers paid more than the "reasonable and customary" rates they pay today. But then they caught on and began to apply all the restrictions we now see.

      The subject of healthcare is a sensitive issue. Living here in USA, we take much for granted, including the "right" to medical care. Physicians deserve to be paid handsomely for their hard work and outrageous overhead. Hospitals need to be out of the red and more stable.

      I would not expect gratis services from an attorney or free merchandise from a store just because I live in the USA. So why should healthcare be free?

      Auto insurance coverage is required, and so too should healthcare coverage, but it has to be affordable. The more people paying in to the system, the stronger the system, as long as it's regulated. The system needs a complete overhaul, and medical costs like pharmaceuticals, equipment, treatments, etc. must be more reasonable.