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Talking To A Looney Leftie

Updated on June 13, 2015

A short while back a very good friend of mine was celebrating his 30th Birthday at a local restaurant. As it was a big birthday, people he knew from all aspects of his life came over – people whom I had not have the privilege of meeting before. Fortunately I am no longer a shy person and as such, enjoyed speaking to many of these new faces. Unfortunately as you may have gathered by the title of this hub, I didn’t personally enjoy speaking to everyone. For on taking our seats at the table, I happened to be sat next to my friend’s cousin, Steve and his wife.

Unfortunately it wasn’t long after we sat down at the table that the conversation very quickly moved to the subject of politics (started by Steve nonetheless). He started by talking about the upcoming general election and how the big three political parties (Labour, Conservatives & Liberal Democrats) were all greedy, right wing fascist parties.

Ignoring his comments initially by turning to chat with the person sat on the other side of me (someone else I’d also met for the first time) it all went well until she raised an objection to what Steve was saying. After a brief tense discussion between the two, I was horrified to hear him say to her

‘…you are obviously living in a fantasy world and not touch in reality.’

It was then that I felt I couldn’t keep quiet anymore. Turning to him, I informed him that actually most people in this country are more in line with her political beliefs instead of his. It was then that the tirade turned towards me. Explaining to him where I stand politically (I am a Eurosceptic Tory supporter) I was called a fascist. Whilst I found this insulting, I decided to let it slide and try keep the conversation civil.

As the conversation progressed, I noticed he was becoming more verbally aggressive and red in the face. Naturally his over-the-top emotion gained the attention of other people around the table (to the embarrassment of my friend). Deciding to try and calm things down, I thought I’d crack a few jokes about the stupidity of politics, but he seemed to ignore the humour and carried on venting at me. Looking back, I had to laugh at some of the things which he was saying, such as;

‘All immigrants who come to this country all have financial wealth which they bring to this country’ (he obviously has no idea about the poor immigrants who drowned in the Mediterranean) and

‘In 6 months of any immigrant entering the UK, they can all speak fluent English and integrated into our culture.’

Anyhow, after been involved in this intense conversation, I decided to terminate the conversation by saying that I found him quite insulting and so wished to no longer converse with him. I than turned to the lady who was sitting on the other side of me (the one who was insulted earlier) and spent the rest of the evening speaking to her. Fortunately I didn’t have much contact with him after that, except for getting up to use the toilets and asking him to move his chair in a bit so that I could get out, which he initially refused to do (immature or what) until his wife told him to.

According to my friend's cousin Steve, the big 3 parties are all fascist!
According to my friend's cousin Steve, the big 3 parties are all fascist!

You may well be wondering as to why I am writing about this? Well the chances are that like me, you also may have happened to bumped into what I call a ‘Looney Leftie’ – someone who holds extreme left-wing views and insists on shouting them out to everyone within ear-shot, and arguing with those who disagree in any way from those views. It should be noted that whilst it is possible to come across a looney-righty; someone who is the same as the leftie except has extreme right wing views, it is rare.

Anyhow on coming across these people, you may often find yourself very quickly being drawn into an argument; usually instigated by the looney-leftie whom aggressively challenged your political beliefs. Needless to say, the first thing I’d recommend the next time you find yourself in the company of such people is to not rise to the bait of their insults. These people for whatever reason seem to have some issues within themselves and as such, feel that they have to shout and argue with anyone who disagrees with what they have to say. Believe me, you can’t persuade these people through logical argument why their extreme views don’t make sense.

So ultimately the best thing you can do when confronted with such people is to simply leave them to be, don’t be drawn into an argument with them for you are not going to change them, and only question your sanity in the process.


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