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Updated on November 23, 2012

... as it stands out from all other days.

Thanksgiving day is a special day for all Americans, even when they are working or have been hospitalized, or a misfortune or something tragic has happened to them personally or affecting the family or even extended loved ones.

It is one out of the 365 days of the year that people come to the realization that they live a world that is really free, but for the type of economies that they are subjected to or live under, which tend to price necessities beyond their reach and create situations that are dreary and bland, socially.

However, Americans are lucky to have a system of economy that is not stringently controlled by the government, and so they have more leverage or leeway to manage their own personal affairs, like family budgetary, to be able to buy a turkey or two for the family table on a particular day.

Members and friends of the same family, or a combination of groupings, can eat in one house, and then move to another and another, embellishing themselves with more food and drinks, again and again; and that singles out America from the rest of the world as being a wonderful place.

One may say that the culture of families having lunch or dinner together is not unusual, and that it is so common in many societies; however, those societies have not set a single day out to "mush and munch" and even smooch together and be thankful for being alive and enjoying each other's presence under the same roof.

There is laughter and frolicking in every room in the house, and relationships are confirmed; and of course, sometimes there is an arguments or two, or even a fight or two, as human nature cannot be completely tamed from throwing tantrums under any kind of circumstance, even if it is a happy or a festive one.

Yet, the idea that a nation can put a day aside to thank the providers for living, such as farmers, workers in all walks of life, from the managers of the grocery store or the Supermarket in the neighborhood, the companies that supply everyday needs to towns and cities, etc., etc.; and then fill their stomachs doing so at the same time is quite unique.

Many Americans do not know how fortunate they are, or they take it for granted that it is only a tradition that has continued from the inception of the nation; but other countries envy them for making Thanksgiving day a marvelous occasion, with parades and giant balloons; and though there are others similar to that, like Christmas day, for example, the camaraderie and close relationships that are experienced on that day (Thanksgiving day) are superior.

In some countries, the strict social, economic and political regulations and controls, make the people to feel repugnant to thank anybody or anything for what they have and enjoy in the way they live.

That can make them suffer from a "disease of want", and not being appreciative of how life is generally treating them. In other words, they lack in everything, including showing affection for one another.

That can be classified as abject poverty; but it is not so in the United States.


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