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Updated on July 3, 2015


Beyond the political or economic interests that may result from the current problems in the issue of illegal immigration, there are two poles that we analyze.

On one side is the United States Government to defend its position is well justified in their laws and in defense of sovereignty. It is something we can not ignore that in honor of justice and truth, immigrants who cross the border without permission guilty of a misdemeanor.

On the other side are more than eleven million undocumented people who have suffered and endured all kinds of abuse after the search of the American dream.

Peace, forgiveness and forgetfulness


It is difficult for immigrants to understand that laws are made ​​to be fulfilled because for it there and it is also difficult for the American Government to accept grant clemency to someone who has broken the law not punish him for it.

I think the best way to solve the conflict solution is to reach a consensus.

First acceptance is needed: That is the humble and publicly acknowledge that a crime has been committed by immigrants enter a country that is not yours without permission.

Second forgiveness is needed: What is the American government that would give undocumented immigrants who committed a mistake driven by desperation and lack of opportunities in their countries of origin.

Where both sides give a little without pride to achieve the common goal: Third objective and real strategy of give and take is needed.

Respect the laws


We must never ignore the laws and we must always respect the leaders of a nation who have been elected by the people and for the people that have the backing to make decisions and it is under this premise that we must act.

Definitely Immigration Reform should be done step by step to be effective, it is not possible to run if we have not walked.

For the American government: It is impossible to believe that illegal migration will end if different effective remedies to those who have taken over the years and have not had the desired results are not taken.

We all know that America is the most desired destination for migrants in the world as the land of opportunity. There must be a change in international treaties for the legal entry to the United States easier and prevent people from entering without permission. That would save money and effort.

The reform immigration laws means laws make substantial help enabling eleven million undocumented immigrants without detriment to the authority changes.

1 The government of the United States must grant every illegal a document which we will call x time, it will cost x to be used to fund research for criminal records and so rest assured that these people do not represent any danger to society. This document will allow all undocumented work without other benefits while they look for final legalization.

2 The Government of the United States must pay a fine to the undocumented as punishment for breaching immigration laws.

3 The Government of the United States shall grant a pardon to all undocumented immigrants based on rights of every human to seek continuous improvement in their quality of life to be.

The waiting time to get a temporary residence, then a permanent residence and then a possible path to citizenship which the government will decide how to respect authority.

For undocumented immigrants:

1. undocumented immigrants should be ready to pass a thorough review of your record and pay the amounts and fines that the American government deems appropriate, as punishment for passing borders without authorization.

2. undocumented must request in writing the forgiveness of their lack and have an excellent performance to show the government erred in not forgive.

3 Recognizing that all the bad actions have consequences, undocumented must in patience and accept the waiting times that are submitted.

The fact respect the law does not make us less human and forgiving fact does not make us weaker.

Gladys Mendez


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