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why do peoples in india likes THATERS the most

Updated on August 18, 2010

why do most of the indians like THATERS?

As we all know that there is a very high temperature in INDIA and thus this is the one reason for most of the people suffering from various problems such as hair loss skin problems etc

However most of the slum peoples as they stay on footpath's (road's) they also suffer from such high temperature issue's so when ever any film releases their first job is selling the tickets in black that is that they bu a ticket for 100 rs and if the film is hit it will be sold @ 150 and if its a super duper hit straight away to 350 rs as they buy tickets for this profit only and many people such as couples and other big shots will happily buy these tickets as they don't like to strive at the ticket counter for the ticket.

what if the tickets are not sold?

    similarly the man will lower the price for the ticket that is if the ticket is for 100 it will be sold @ 50 rs and if he will be getting some tickets left he would himself go and sit in the theater and sleep or his time pass.this cycle goes on for every day what ever they earn is the only what they can eat that's why the police too doesn't stops them and some rich people buy these ticket at such rates.

This doesn't specify that the people who buy these ticket in black are fools

of course not! they buy these tickets thinking that they could help that person to have some extra revenue even if i go theater to watch a movie many time i too think this and buy a ticket in black these at least helps slum people to survive in this world.


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