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The 2016 Presidental Election: History in the Making

Updated on July 8, 2018


America. What is great about this nation? What makes the United States of America different from any other country? One could say it’s our independence from a tyrannical government, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights or our system of elections process. One could say the fact that the People are not under a Parliament government and we have the right to elect a new President every four years, if the People feel they want a different Chief Governor.

Every four years since the birth of the seat of presidency’s four year term limit, Americans have held elections to vote for a president in which the country sees is the best candidate for the job. Throughout history, American voters have mainly elected candidates from two main political parties, the Right Wing Republicans and the Left Wing Democrats. Normally Conservatives vote for a Republican candidate while Liberals vote for a Democratic candidate. Other voters normally vote according to issues that are adherent to the times.


The presidential election in 2016, according to many historians, political scientists and many Americans who have “had enough” of President Obama, will be the most historical election in history. Though it has been recorded that some Independents have won a presidential election, most POTUS (President of the United States) have been either Republican or Democrat.

Many believe the 2016 Presidential Election turn out like many in the past, either a Republican or Democrat taking office. One question will only be answered after the primaries: who will win the Republican nomination and who for the Democrat nomination?

As in every other presidential election, issues will be deciding factor for each candidate. To best address these issues, it would be beneficial to know who the candidates are. The Republicans have a wide array of choices, as the Democrats have three main candidates. Along with the two conventional parties, other candidates vying for the 2017 presidential seat are stemming from Independent parties as well.


Do you identify as Conservative or Liberal?

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Who are the candidates in which we ask questions regarding issues we want answers for? Beginning with the Republicans, the top ten contenders are businessman Donald Trump, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, retired top neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Ohio Governor John Kasich. After this list of Republican candidates, one might wonder: “How many candidates do we need?” Well, truthfully after many Americans have expressed their distrust in the present commander in chief, many from the opposing party feel there needs to be a “change”, a real change. This might explain the number of candidates but what is the reason for so many diverse candidates in the GOP pool. Another question that raises concern, how is a businessman, and newly self-described Republican, the GOP frontrunner?



Why is the billionaire, Donald Trump, running for POTUS? When asked this question, he will tell you the answer with his hands in the air and pointing all eight fingers and both thumbs toward the listening audience while he says, “It’s time to Get Tough: Make America Great Again”. This statement, also title to his 2011 best-seller book, appears to be his campaign slogan. This apparent slogan seems to be his general answer to everything from illegal immigration to foreign policy to the economy. According to Trump, he is the best choice for America in the 2016 election.


George H. W. Bush, George “Dubya” Bush and now Jeb Bush. Jeb Bush’s father and brother have both ran for the highest executive seat in the nation and now Jeb feels he has earned the right to be called “Jeb” and has earned the right to run for POTUS. In the first GOP debate he stated, “I am proud of my father and I am certainly proud of my brother…. In Florida, they call me Jeb, and I earned it.” What does he mean by “I earned it”? One might say he worked hard as Governor of Florida and has made his own name and he doesn’t want to be compared to his father or brother though he does believe they are equally as great as him. Time will tell whether the Bush Dynasty will live on.


The Colorado native and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker announced his vie for the big seat on July 13, 2015. Since his announcement, he has told his constituents and potential constituents he feels he can fix America’s economic debt that has reached over $17 trillion in the past seven years. With his economic ideas, he also says with his campaign slogan, he intends to change America’s dependency on the government by saying: “In America, we celebrate our independence from government, not our dependence on it.”


A great companion of the sitting POTUS and New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, likes to give hugs to President Obama, according to Rand Paul. As he uses 9/11 as a pedestal, he stands behind the sitting president and has vowed to keep the NSA’s prying on Americans essential to National Security. We can only wonder if he will be a Republican Barack Obama.


Former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee, is vying another campaign for the 2016 Presidential Election. With his Conservative past in Arkansas, he is promising to uphold the rights of the unborn in his campaign. His values in family and views on abortion have never wavered from his Conservative roots. His stance on abortion has placed him top evangelical contender in the GOP race, but is this enough to secure his nomination for the GOP ticket?


The only candidate in the GOP race to have performed brain surgery is none other than Dr. Ben Carson. He may be quiet; but when he speaks, people listen. He may not know much about foreign policy or the names of the Cabinet members but he has a backbone and would be a good comeback for the Republicans in the minority view.


From Texas, Senator Ted Cruz wants to reignite the Constitution and bring America back to its grassroots with his family values and “Courageous Conservative” campaign. Ted’s issues on Obamacare, illegal immigration, abortion, marriage and the Bill of Rights (including, but not limited to, the First and Second Amendments) are as Conservative as Ronald Reagan himself; but are they too Conservative for American at this time. Today’s Evangelicals are looking for a candidate with strong biblical views and values, but it hasn’t been the track record for America today. Senator Cruz will have to fight hard for the non-religious American voters if he intends to be the next POTUS.


The Senatorial son of the Libertarian Ron Paul, Kentucky’s modern day Daniel Boone has his father’s views on politics as he aims to be the next POTUS. Lagging in the polls, Paul, the “Tea Party” Republican candidate, is holding his place in the top ten GOP candidates. Like many other GOP candidates, Paul wants to “Defeat the Washington Machine” and “Unleash the American Dream”. Paul wants to keep the enforcement of term limits, propose a balanced budget amendment and support the Read the Bills Act while reducing federal spending and taxation. Will domestic issues be enough for him to secure the GOP nomination and win the bid for POTUS in 2016?


As a son of legal immigrants, Florida Senator Marco Rubio has his sights on issues similar to most Conservative candidates. The Pro-Life Senator from Florida’s website says he is for tax reform, pro-second amendment and expanding the defense budget while keeping nuclear arms away from Iran. Will his economic and defense plans be enough for voter in 2016?


Last but not least, the Governor of the state that has a history of calling the GOP nomination, Ohio Governor John Kasich is strong on defense but tight with a dollar. Governor Kasich wants more money for defense but doesn’t want it handled loosely. He has also voted YES to reduce senior citizens receiving less of their paid in social security benefits. He wants less gun control but more information on those obtaining guns. Kasich is against abortion except in cases of incest and rape. Will his double-sided views be what America wants or will he remain low in the top ten GOP contenders?


According to Fox News reports, voters say the economy is the most important issue facing the country at 30 percent. Terrorism and health care come in second with 11 percent each. Only 7 percent say the top problem is immigration, foreign policy and the federal deficit are 7 percent, race relations and climate change tie at 5 percent each, gay marriage and taxes take 3 percent voter interest and abortion having 2 percent of voter interest.

If looking at the issues, singularly, these candidates have supported the best interest in working to address these issues in the needs of the People.

Federal Budget- Cruz, Paul and Rubio

Civil Liberties- Carson, Cruz, Huckabee and Kasich

Education- Carson, Christie, Cruz, Paul, Rubio, Trump and Walker

Energy/Environment- Cruz, Kasich, Paul, Rubio, Trump and Walker

Foreign Policy- Cruz, Kasich, Rubio and Trump

Free Market- Paul

Healthcare- Carson, Cruz and Rubio

Immigration- Cruz and Trump

Second Amendment- Huckabee, Kasich, Paul, Rubio and Walker

Taxes/Economy- Huckabee, Walker, Carson, Cruz and Rubio

GOP Candidates


Republican Summary

If voting on who would have the most impact on just these issues as a whole, Senator Ted Cruz would have the best Conservative interest at heart. He may not be the popular vote, but he is the most sensible according to the top issues in America today. Who are the most popular? Donald Trump and Jeb Bush are the most popular and would secure the votes for the GOP. Who could set forth a new precedent for a new future of bright minds and natural intelligence? That could only be Dr. Ben Carson who doesn’t seem to have the political mindset nor the brawn to fight the other issues America is fighting today; though he does have backbone. Which candidate could bring us back to the days of our founding fathers? Mike Huckabee is strong in his American roots and would want nothing more than to uphold the Constitution and verify its existence as a living document that keeps our nation free of a tyrannical government.


In the past two years, the People of the United States have reluctantly and dubiously voted a Democrat into the POTUS office. Not only is the sitting president, Barack Obama, a Democrat but he has proven himself to be a Marxist and a Socialistic Progressive. He has repeatedly ignored the People of the United States and followed his own Progressive agenda.

What is this agenda? It wasn’t very clear in the first four years of his administration. Even during the beginning of his second term, many Americans could not see his reasoning for the pressure he has put on the American People. By the closing of his term, many have begun to see his plans being carried out right before them. The overall nature of his administration has been a Modern Progressive approach.

What is Modern Progressivism? During the industrial age of the United States, many advancements began to take place. Factories and the early stages of the stock market were being built. People were thinking differently. Many of these new thinkers called themselves Progressives. They believed the Constitution should be rewritten to conform to the ever-changing human development. Since this movement, many Democrats have opened to the idea that morals and values have no place in our everyday lives and we should have a Parliament type government where one person decides our fate. Obama became this ideological head and has been acting as if the People voluntarily gave him the right to govern them in such a manner. The Democratic Party wants to continue the Progressive Movement with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden, both vying for the Democratic Party choice.


The former First Lady, former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton wants to continue right where President Obama will leave when he exits the POTUS seat in 2017. She has proven her motives and she stands behind the sitting POTUS and his actions while she was Secretary of State. Clinton has also allegedly hidden top secret government emails concerning National Security on her personal email server and is now denying it. If this is true, do we want her to rule the Free World and continue a tyrannical government? Do not judge her by her words, judge her by her actions; as they tell the truth of who she is and the means of her character.


He may be running low in the Democratic straw polls but Joe Biden has one thing going for him. He currently hold the second highest position in the Executive Branch, he is the VPOTUS (Vice President of the United States). There is no doubt the VPOTUS knows anything about his boss’ job. According to Amendment XXV, Article II, Section I, Clause VI of the US Constitution, he would serve as POTUS if the sedentary POTUS departs this life, removed from office by Congress or is unable to carry out the duties of the Office. This alone is enough on his resume to be qualified to be President. Does qualified means he would be a respectable President? He could be an ameliorate choice than Clinton, but is he the right choice?


Where do the Democratic candidates stance on the issues of the American People?

If looking at the issues, singularly, these candidates have supported the best interest in working to address these issues in the needs of the People.

Federal Budget- Biden

Civil Liberties- Neither

Education- Biden

Energy/Environment- Clinton

Foreign Policy- Clinton

Free Market- Neither

Healthcare- Neither

Immigration- Neither

Second Amendment- Neither

Taxes/Economy- Clinton

Democrat Summary

Since the last two elections, the United States has been under a Democratic Presidential Administration. Both candidates are qualified to hold the position they are seeking; however, one is the understudy of the current POTUS and the other is an alleged criminal that may never be prosecuted. Will either stand a fortuitous venture against the other World Powers before they would even take the Oath of Office given their past?

Final Thoughts

There are many candidates running in both major parties. Those listed above are just the strong players of the vast pool of candidates. Each vote has a significant bearing on the future of the nation and its sustainability. The fact that you exercised your merit as determined in the Constitution, for the citizen of the United States to have a declaration in who governs them; furthermore, who decides the men and women that hold powers that will ensure domestic tranquility for them and those generations to come. I ask that when you do vote in both the Primary and General Elections, vote with assurance and peace of mind that you have not only yourself in mind but your children and their children who may not even have breath yet. For it is our duty, as our founding Fathers would say, to enact our powers as the People of this Nation to utilize the voting power that will decide the fate of future generations. We are the only hope for America’s future. As stated above, this election is historical in nature and will tell the rest of the world we will not relinquish, yet we will prosper as a nation!


© 2015 E Matt Howerton

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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      Brad Masters 

      3 years ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD

      Consider the fact that the US is where it is today as the result of presidents and congresses of both parties having been in control at one time. The proof is that the country is still in decline, and neither party had the solution to even anticipate 2008, nor how to get past it and put the country on the road to recovery.

      Every election is the making of history, but this election like the previous ones will not change the course of the decline in the US. Two political parties divergent in their goal cannot make red or blue the required shade of purple.

      While Red, White and Blue are the colors of the country, and it is true that they don't bleed, and that is why the congress has failed the country for over one hundred years.

      Congress aids the third party interests in setting the direction of the country. The middle class is evaporating while the government attracts the poor and the soon to be poor with welfare. At the same time the rich are getting super rich. The congress is OK with both of those results as they have been since they created the Income Tax, SS, Medicare and ACA.

      The Federal Government is Obese and is blind to the average person in the country.

      Any one thinking that this election will result in a course change for the better needs to look at the history of this country.

      The country has been moved from left to right and back, but not forward..

      A key factor is the loyal party voter, that allows the party their proxy to put the party above the people and the country.


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