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Updated on January 13, 2012

An Insensitive Media?

It is a sad thing to see the media, with all the protection they have under the United Sates first amendment of the Constitution, to be taking sides in politics.

At the moment, all their attention is on the Republican Party and its candidates running for the nomination of the party, to eventually pit one of them against President Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election.

Many people are aware that the president and the Democratic Party have not joined the campaign trail as yet. They have plenty of time to do so, as the election is still far off in the year; November, 2012, to be exact.

However, some of the media are making it look like the president is being fully immersed in the campaign, by saying that he is obsessed with his reelection so much so that, he is campaigning wherever he goes; with articles like the following,

ABC News' Mary Bruce (@marykbruce) reports: "In what was billed as an official visit to Iowa by the president today to highlight manufacturing, President Obama urged citizens to be patient with the slow economic recovery and tried to incite some of the infamous excitement that propelled him to victory in that state in 2008."

Or with insensitive headlines like, "Obama visits New Hampshire on Tuesday; is he running scared there?" (Posted on Nov. 21, 2011). (

Thus giving credence to the Republicans, especially the minority leader in the U.S. Senate, Sen. Mich McConnell, that the president is always ceasing the opportunity "to save his job,"; and that his mood is in the campaign, just as that of the Democrats wanting to retain the White House.

Of course the Democratic Party wants to espouse its agenda of bringing parity in the workplace, for salaries and wages to go up and be at par with dividends that keep rising in the private sector. Wall Street is having a ball, at the expense of the ordinary men and working women.

Obama's own objectives are to stop the wars that are draining the coffers of the Federal Reserve, and thus making the nation's economy to suffer; as well as mastering the high unemployment figures that are leaving over 14 million citizens out of work.

He and the Democrats need four more years to accomplish their goals.

In human terms, the soldiers have to come home to their families, just like everybody else. The Republican candidates, such as Romney, Paul and Huntsman are having their grown up children with them. They are home with "Mom and Dad." WHAT? America needs them out there too.

The end of the draft has caused the middle class to join the military more than any section of American society, and they have been fighting wars all over the world to protect the nation. In Obama's view, they have to be given a break for them to come home, where they belong.

For some of the media, therefore, echoing what the Republicans are telling the American people, it makes one to feel that they are being impartial; and that is not what the U.S. Constitution amendment covers them for.

They are free to express opinion; however, they must not be seen as being one sided, as that will be unfair to the public, which patronizes them, and gives them the means to survive in a free Democratic country such as the U.S.A.


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